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Status Updates posted by Simon

  1. Hello Heidi Shaffer Triola, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Heidi Shaffer Triola

      Heidi Shaffer Triola

      Hello and thank you ! I look forward reading and participating

    3. Heidi Shaffer Triola

      Heidi Shaffer Triola

      Hello and thank you ! I look forward reading and participating

    4. Heidi Shaffer Triola

      Heidi Shaffer Triola

      Hello and thank you ! I look forward reading and participating

  2. It's too hot to do anything productive...

    1. Mark Piazzalunga

      Mark Piazzalunga

      Lucky you. We have 16ยบ here and a lot of rain. It seems to be Autumn but I'm beginning to enjoy it.

    2. Simon


      It feels like the weather is up-side-down. We have such hot and dry weather that several forest fires have started - which is not a common thing here in Sweden - and you, in what I presume is Italy, have autumn-like weather...

    3. Mark Piazzalunga

      Mark Piazzalunga

      Here we are experiencing the coldest summer since 1800 and a lot of storms. I could say global warming doesn't exist but I'm not stupid (or Republican) so I think that this up-sid down isn't good. Forest fires in Sweden? It sounds awful, things like that happen in California.

  3. I like your profile background! Where is the photo taken? :)

    1. joanna1st


      Thanks, Simon! I love it, aswell. :) This photo was taken in Syngapore. It depicts the interior of one of the five Eco Biomes in the city - truly marvelous structures, each one of which is home to a specific Eco system. You can check out my article here for more photos and information: http://www.fubiz.net/usersstuff/futuristic-biome-structures-in-singapore-offer-breath-taking-sights-2/

    2. Simon


      Wow, that looks amazing! Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. Hello Kasha_Kealoha, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. Kasha_Kealoha


      Thank you Simon! I'm looking forward to contributing. Is there a way to synch my personal blog at www.greenmindtraining.com with your site? I think my content is relevant to your community and saw there was an option for sharing. Mahalo!


    2. Simon


      You can always create a blog and then add an RSS feed (from your personal blog) that will be imported. Each feed article will be added as an entry to your new green blog. You can also just add your personal blog as an external blog here. But this will only be a link to your personal website and it won't import any posts. http://green-blog.org/blogs

  5. Hello CountryGal90, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. Carrie


      Thanks, Simon! Am I able to add a post to the blog for moderation? I'd like to write a post about this infographic: http://www.purelyshutters.co.uk/blog/purely-shutters/diy-urban-gardening-recycled-items/

    2. Simon


      We recently re-organized our website and now we try to keep only environment news posts on the frontpage. You are of course more than welcome to publish such an article on your own blog here in this community. Setup just takes a few seconds! :)

  6. Hello francisjones, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. francisjones


      Thank you, i'll be getting blogging soon

    2. Simon


      Great, I'm looking forward to reading it!

  7. Hello gabmcgowan, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. gabmcgowan


      Thanks. Just found my activation email... It was in my spam folder!


    2. Simon


      Yep, that happens sometimes. :/

  8. Hello Simon R Anthony, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. Simon R Anthony

      Simon R Anthony

      Many thanks... Here is my first offering:-

      I'm not sure what I used as a password though !

    2. Simon


      Don't worry, you can always ask for a password reset if you forget it.

  9. Hello Bethany Thomson, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. Bethany Thomson

      Bethany Thomson

      10x. How can I post an article on Green Blog?

    2. Simon


      The easiest way is to create a blog, which I see you've already done. :)

  10. Hello David Crous Duran, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. David Crous Duran

      David Crous Duran

      Hello Simon. Great to have found you! I wold like to start with an article featuring teh conclusions of an experts forum concerning green jobs and the potential of circulmar economy to decrease unemployment rates in Europe. Woul dthat be interesting? Thank you, David from Brussels.

    2. Simon


      Hi David! That sounds interesting. Go ahead and make a topic in this forum http://green-blog.org/forum/20-become-a-contributor/ so that we can discuss it further. :)

  11. Hello Brad Simmons, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. Brad Simmons

      Brad Simmons

      Thanks! I'm glad to be a part.

    2. Brad Simmons

      Brad Simmons

      Thanks! I'm glad to be a part.

  12. Hello joysjoy, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. joysjoy


      Thanks a Lot Mate.

    2. joysjoy


      Thanks a Lot Mate.

  13. Hello LizzieWeakley, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  14. Hello danbarringer6, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  15. Hello academic homesteader, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  16. Hello Eva Henderson, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. Eva Henderson

      Eva Henderson

      Thank you very much :)

    2. Eva Henderson

      Eva Henderson

      Thank you very much :)

  17. Hello Jack Brennan, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  18. I am trying out a new frontpage layout for the community. There is also a new menubar in the top of every page for easy access to your settings and profile. Please let me know your thoughts about the changes!

    1. Simon


      You might have to press the F5 button to refresh the page before you can see the new changes.

  19. Hello Vanessa Hill, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  20. Hello MarkoM, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  21. Hello mikegreaves, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. Mike Greaves

      Mike Greaves

      Thank you very much Simon, hope we will connect and do great job.

  22. Hello mathew, welcome to Green Blog! :)

  23. Hello samwins, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. samwins


      Thank you, Simon! Happy to be here :)

  24. Hello greenbug, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. greenbug


      Thanks. Just digging around to read a little.

  25. Hello MaryS, welcome to Green Blog! :)

    1. MaryS


      Thank you Simon! :)

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