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  1. It's too hot to do anything productive...

    1. Mark Piazzalunga

      Mark Piazzalunga

      Lucky you. We have 16ยบ here and a lot of rain. It seems to be Autumn but I'm beginning to enjoy it.

    2. Simon


      It feels like the weather is up-side-down. We have such hot and dry weather that several forest fires have started - which is not a common thing here in Sweden - and you, in what I presume is Italy, have autumn-like weather...

    3. Mark Piazzalunga

      Mark Piazzalunga

      Here we are experiencing the coldest summer since 1800 and a lot of storms. I could say global warming doesn't exist but I'm not stupid (or Republican) so I think that this up-sid down isn't good. Forest fires in Sweden? It sounds awful, things like that happen in California.

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