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  1. To answer first question ! Nothing will happen to me I grow almost all food at home. What I don't grow I just trade with other farmers around me. In the winter I do sprouts and have fresh vegetables every day actually. When I get enough of little sprouted salads I just go into the basement and take out some glasses of stored vegetables. 1 square meter is enough for one year vegetables for one person ! You just have to rotate vegetables and take care of that square meter and you are all good. Spinach is really easy to grow and you can freeze it ;)
  2. This really sucks. Bees dying, ice melting, people getting sick because they drink not so long ago clean water. Farmers using all kinds of pesticides. We are slowly but surely going into the hell. I just heard over the radio the other day that 4 out of 10 people will get cancer in the year 2020 if we continue this way.... It really sucks...
  3. There is enough food for another 2 Billion people at this moment. So I see no problem in making fuel with some plants Plants are our fuel also :D
  4. China will have to pollute another 50 years to catch all of our industrialized and "civilized" countries. I find it funny how some local people say what will happen when all chinese get a car. I see a little racism in that and I see it in mainstream media also against China. China is not the one we should be afraid of. Most of the polluters are businesses from our countries !
  5. Wow Lilly that is some nice trick, one that I never heard of. Will sure try this and report how it goes. I don't seem to have problems with snails but my lady's mother has lots of them. Well I told her she should not keep composter right next to the garden ( it drives snails there ) but she wouldn't listen Let's see how egg shells go...
  6. Yes it is my cat My lady took the photo so it is kind of fat Chinese guys will have to pollute half a century to get "even" Anyway all those polluters in China are mostly owned by corporations from countries that have big mouth about what should China do or not do about pollution. It is kind of pathetic really.... On one side they criticize them and on the other side they take advantage of lack of laws China has regarding this.
  7. So why is he in Hong Kong ? Shouldn't he be in his own country promoting his thing. Any believers in climate changes because of pollution and what not ? I should open a new topic about this I guess. I have something in my head that want to talk to you guys but have to put it on "paper" .. err in the post ;)
  8. People it is really getting serious and will come to our doors also. So I urge you to start growing as much your own food as you can. It does not matter ... balcony, garden, on the roof... whatever ! Just do it. If you really don't have a place to grow vegetables and fruits then go and sprout some seeds and you have fresh salad every day !
  9. Yes, Yes while I am Christian and follow some traditions I do not believe what a priest is saying! Not a word. I don't even go to church and I was only present on mass when people got married Down with not the religion and tradition but down with religious institutions !!! That is my opinon. I would recommend Zeitgeist to all !
  10. Ah nah I like to smoke. Some say it prevents some diseases Of course I always take care where I put out the cigarette. Throwing it through the car window is something I do not do. ( although when we were young and drunk we also did that ). In my opinion cigarettes are least of our worries in present times...
  11. Are my english/american writing skills so good that you thought I am from US of A I agree they are slowly coming to reason but still a looong way to go ! They are tooo sloooow. I guess that is because of all that food they eat in Strasbourg and Brussels. ( even some kinky-winky going on in the offices so they don't have too much time for important business heh ) Anyway. I like how people themselves are slowly starting to realize we destroyed nature ( not just pollution ) but we killed many flowers and fields that were blooming just 15 years ago so I would say no real progress is done. I a
  12. Are you familiar with Masanobu Fukuoka ? If not and you want green you should get to know this great guy ! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masanobu_Fukuoka I started using some of his philosophy last year and am already seeing some improvements in my garden. Have less weeds and onions seem stronger this year We will see about tomatos and all the rest. Did no digging and no weed pulling. Just planted white clover and some phacelia and it looks, well just better. It feels better also I will see in next years if I can keep up with this. No real data to present yet.
  13. Hehe Simon and my grandmother says those bring luck Coccinellidae They eat everything ! Nature is wonder on its own. We don't need to put any pesticide, even with eco prefix. Especially if it comes with ECO ;)
  14. Simon those beaurocrats have no taste and they think they will promote green through some sticker. They think we are fools ? Not so long ago there was some bio mumbo jumbo food can with nice green stickers there. They found some paint mixed inside. Of course poor factory worker was to blame.... They make me sick. I don't buy anything that those beaurocrats put hands on ! Sorry if I am a little harsh but they don't have respect for us and treat us... so why should we have respect for them ?
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