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  1. There are those who still believe that the earth is flat ... quite literally.
  2. Another thing is that there is the following trend. Rather nauseating. Internet makes it easy for us to cite statistics and mathematical models, so I often cite these scientific data to make my case. However, there are those who simply dismiss these data as 'opinions.' There is a fundamental difference between scientific data and anecdotal opinion. If one wants to not accept a scientific theory, then he/she needs to disprove it scientifically. But, too many people seem to resort to say "It's just an opinion" and decide not to or seem to not be able to have a discussion based on logic.
  3. Once you start talking about political problems, you can go on and on about this forever. There were more electric cars than gasoline powered combustion engine cars at the turn of 20th century. There were even more steam powered (water powered) cars. But, today, most cars are gasoline powered combustion engine cars. Now, if you go back 100 years, who was one of the most influential figures? Rockefeller? Standard Oil? Somehow, today, we have petroleum based economy. Is this just a coincidence? Is this just a result of evolution ...?
  4. Farmers do not grow chickens. They (or perhaps I should say farm factory workers) produce chickens or (or perhaps I should say living organisms categorized as "chicken"). I certainly agree that today's production method has a very serious problem.
  5. Numbers, statistics, graphs, equations, mathematical models, etc. Not anecdotes. Certain philosophical arguments are appreciated, but being so verbose about it reminds me of the following comment ...
  6. 'Conservation' is still not a part of daily vocabulary in many countries (or in most countries). First and foremost, this needs to become one. Culture needs to change fundamentally.
  7. New York is one of few truly urban cities in US (New York, San Francisco and ... maybe Chicago). The rest of cities are horrendously designed. L.A., for example. A city that epitomizes the horrible evil destructive disastrous automobile culture. You need to drive in L.A. There is no other way to get around. It's like a big boring ugly suburb stretching out miles, miles and miles. Argh ... :yuck:
  8. I happen to agree for the most part. There are only two type of giant vehicles: 1. Commercial vehicles and 2. Wealthy individuals who want to drive giant vehicles. 1 need to pay for this; otherwise, they can't run their businesses. They can't start driving smaller cars all of a sudden. 2 do not care; it's peanuts to them. So, in the end, this new regulation does nothing to contribute to reduce CO2 emission.
  9. You can certainly argue that online shopping is greener, but it's not exactly greenest. After all, someone needs to come stop at your door to deliver goods and products, and chances are that someone comes to your place by car. I think I briefly mentioned in this forum, but the main problem is the poor urban or rather suburban development. Look at US, for example. Suburb stretches out miles and miles, while there is no public transportation system. So, no matter what you try, you are destined to burn fossil fuels and / contribute to it very significantly.
  10. So, eating chicken instead is ok? How about eating fish ...?
  11. So, you're saying that regulations do not matter much? You're saying that the fair and competitive market place will solve problems? If the solar power takes off, then the oil industry will stop creating so many problems?
  12. This says something about the sad state of the country. Many understand that 'Change' is so absolutely necessary. So, instead of trying to understand issues or selecting candidates based on what they actually stand for, they'd just pick someone who can yell and scream 'Change!!!' louder than anyone else.
  13. It's unfortunate that Libertarianism is often seen equal to Corporatism. As I already mentioned, I personally do not believe that Libertarianism is the idealism that we should adapt, but, like many ideologies, there is definitely something that we can learn from it.
  14. I hear that it's like everyday is Christmas if you work in the old industry. Unless this part of our economy changes fundamentally, it's rather difficult for us to stop drilling in places like Alaska.
  15. I'd say this is the fallacy of capitalism that capitalism proponents yell and scream about it. We cannot be extracting resources from the ecosystem and call it 'creation of wealth'; it's extraction of wealth.
  16. Common consensus is that we always had gasoline powered cars and nothing else. Turned out that it's completely false. At the turn out of the 20th century, there were more electric cars than gasoline powered cars. There were even more steam powered cars. Both are much more environment friendly than gasoline cars. We do not need to go back 100 years to find electric cars. They were sold in US in 90s and they were pretty popular; there was a pretty big solid fan base. You can learn the rest if you watch the documentary. The whole point is that it's not like we don't have technologies availa
  17. Did anyone here watch 'Who Killed the Electric Car?'?
  18. Farming in Amazon is a serious problems, but these farmers are really small timers. Corporate farms are the ones who are doing the catastrophic damage to Amazon. Sadly, their names (like Cargil) are not mentioned. So, this also highlights the problem of media.
  19. Sadly, there is a great demand for gorillas' (and other animals) dead bodies. Unless that demand goes away, this problem continues.
  20. Which whales are going extinct? (Not all whales are facing the danger of going extinct.)
  21. Because of the consumer culture. Unless this destructive culture fundamentally changes, forests will be disappearing at a very alarming rate.
  22. If you follow Hubbert peak theory, we already reached the world peak oil production or we'll reach the peak within the next three years or so, in which case, we'll be forced to cut down CO2 emission very drastically. Interesting scenario to think about.
  23. The following documentary films are not exactly about Global Warming (I personally like the term 'Global Climate Change'), but they are about the environment: The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Manufactured Landscapes The Future of Food Life Running Out of Control (Leben ausser Kontrolle) I highly recommend ...
  24. Hydrogen being eco-friendly is a myth. It actually takes more energy to produce hydrogen than the amount of energy that the produced hydrogen can generate. Iceland figured out to make use of its geothermal energy to produce hydrogen; in other words, they essentially figured out how to create hydrogen for free. Works for them, but not for the rest of the world.
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