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    man007 got a reaction from mauricioq in Which is the real problem: Overconsumption or overpopulation?   
    I think that overpopulation is worse than overconsumption. I am saying that because overpopulation is what causes the overconsumpion. The more we are the more we consume... ;)
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    man007 got a reaction from Leila in Cost of Solar Panels   
    I have an idea on how to get the solar panel for free. You can get a loan to buy the solar panels. Then provide the electricity (the first years), that the solar panel will produce, to an electricity station and the electricity station will pay your loan. Do you think this will work? It sound possible...
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    man007 got a reaction from Simon in How can we improve this community?   
    The design, the categories and the navigation are fine... The only think that missing from this forum is a chatroom.
    A chatroom would be very nice!
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