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  1. What can anyone tell me about biopesticides? I read about one and would just like to hear from someone with more expertise and experience in this area before I became a fan. http://sattlerclothing.com/blog/2007/12 ... 0-million/
  2. I subscribe to far too many. I use Google Reader.
  3. Some more faves http://sattlerclothing.com/blog/2007/10 ... d-charger/
  4. I just read a post about this same thing! http://sattlerclothing.com/blog/2008/01 ... ener-cars/ Didn't realize there was that much going in China with hybrid cars!
  5. I like using products that directly impact my dependence on the 'grid' - so things like reware bags, handheld wind turbines etc. I am also getting more and more into greening my home - mainly because in some cases it saves energy costs and in others it is cool to think that it has less impact and I think that they will hold their value when it comes time to move. Blog post about reware and others - http://sattlerclothing.com/blog/2007/10 ... d-charger/
  6. I can't say that I am an enthusiast but I know some people in that industry who probably wouldn't mind visiting with you. The US Green Building Council is doing amazing work. Here is a link to a blog post that talked about people doing this kind of thing. http://sattlerclothing.com/blog/2008/01 ... your-home/
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