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  1. I consider myself to be a flexitarian, which means I eat vegetarian most of the time, but eat meat occasionally. I do try to make an effort to purchase organic, and preferably grassfed, animal products when I do eat them, and actually recently got a small flock of chickens, so with every egg I crack I know it's coming from a chicken that's allowed to scratch around in the dirt, fresh air, and sunshine like nature intended, instead of being crammed into a massive "free range" warehouse or worse, a battery cage. I also try to buy a fair amount of produce and other foods local, organic, o
  2. hello, I just joined this forum earlier today and thought I'd get started by introducing myself. My name is Kerry and I'm a lifelong environmentalist who's especially passionate about habitat conservation and restoration and global warming issues. I love gardening, hiking, and animals, so I've always felt a connection to the natural world and it saddens (and often sickens) me how horribly humanity abuses the only home we have. I hope to take part in some interesting discussions here!
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