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  1. How do you add youtube vids? I pasted in the code between the tags but it's not previewing correctly.
  2. So what kind of injuries did the first Matador sustain?
  3. Soon, the new OLED monitors will come out which use less energy and don't have the backlight problems that most LCD monitors have. The only problem with them right now is they don't have the lifespan of a LCD which makes them impractical as computer monitors. In a year or two, this won't be a problem anymore.
  4. This reminds me of that Six Feet Under episode where the guy killed himself by running over his own head backing out of the driveway in his SUV.
  5. I can't ever remember Bush doing anything pro-environment. If he did, we'd surely hear about it.
  6. What kind of a teacher would say something like that? I would do the paper anyway, just to piss him/her off. Then again, it might affect your grade. Tough decision.
  7. Wow...that was...unexpected. I guess I wont be seeing that on TV anytime soon.
  8. Those are really interesting. It's amazing what both human and natural causes can do to our Earth over time.
  9. The thing is, they don't need to. We don't even need oil as an energy source anymore. There are plenty of alternatives. Big Oil is the only one who stands in the way.
  10. I'll take one of those H2 cars in the 1:1 scale
  11. Those eco-friendly light bulbs last forever. However, they probably wouldn't make a good stocking stuffer.
  12. We all need to switch to ethanol. The US already has substantial reserves of this waiting to be used. Someone needs to pass a bill and tell the oil lobbyists where to stick it.
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