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  1. The new strain of coronavirus found in UK was lethal, more dangerous than original one. But the vaccine that was rolled out is effective on both new and old virus. Hope this coronavirus pandemic should end.
  2. Basically this problem is starting to occur in almost every country, the issue of this is due to lifestyle and food. The people are consuming adulterated food, thus affecting their body health.
  3. The climate has been changing very rapidly in our country, the average temperature in winter has increased by 4.5 °C. The summer month average temperature is around 54° C . God knows what will be situation after 5 to 10 years if the situation doesn't change.
  4. As the pandemic is almost over, certain decisive steps must be taken for climate control. When the pandemic started there was total lock down in entire world, and due to this the environment thrived. So proper steps must be taken to curb this rising pollution like lock down in certain fields on regular basis to control the climate change. These lock down should not affect the economy also. Every country must sit and create a plan for saving the planet.
  5. Hello All, Hope to get more information about environment protection through this forum.
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