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  1. Most probably you know that global warming is a huge problem not only for mankind but for other species as well, right? But how far has it already damaged the world around us? Well, we already write about but this theme is too broad to be understood by one article. To start with, our planet's climate is defined by different and distinct climate zones such as Tropics, the Arctic, Antarctic, etc. But in recent years, climate zones are becoming more and more miscellaneous. Some scientists say that Global Warming and Climate Change are natural and will happen ultimately, no matter how hu
  2. About what are we writing? - Ecology and nature protection - WWF News everyday - Useful tips on how to be useful for Earth We have the following topics: BAD: all that humans doing wrong in connection to the environment and wildlife; GOOD: a positive impact of mankind that will save us and our planet; NATURE: everything interesting that is happening now in nature. You can protect the planet with us! Join our community and together we will make a serious impact. Let's be friends! Join and communicate with us!
  3. So are genetically modified foods ruining our environment? Well, in various ways! There are many dangerous effects of GMOs on the environment. While we receive these genetically modified foods at our grocery store chains the real effect is not as much on our health as it is on the health of the environment as this is where it all begins. Changing the natural system of crops growing is dangerous towards the natural cycle the environment relies on and once this is destroyed it is almost unmanageable to rectify which means it will rely on the recreation of genetically modified plan
  4. There are various reliable facts that prove that to have a lot of house plants is a good thing to do. Read the following list till the end to be completely sure. Fresh and clean air: now will be a minute of science. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis. For those who live in densely populated cities, house plants are a help to get enough fresh air and purify the indoor environment. Cool and nice: indoor plants produce moisture which cools the air around. Plants can’t cool the whole house during summer like an air conditioner, but t
  5. Global Warming is a natural phenomenon that defines the increasing temperature levels of the Earth. Global Warming was perceived with sarcasm for a long time even by scientists. But now Global Warming is a serious and well-known danger. It expands even more than it was predicted and its destructive consequences could be witnessed now all over the world. Seasons changing sets the climate’s evolution and shows us the hidden life of our planet which we can’t see with our own eyes. A recent shift in the seasonal dynamic pattern describes the current ecological crisis in the best way.
  6. Hey, greens Green is Cool has recently made an article about gifts made from recycled materials. I want to share with you some of the most important topics from it. I hope you will enjoy it! COOL RECYCLED GIFTS If you’re looking for a gift and want to make it eco-friendly, don’t hesitate to look too far, there are lots of completely amazing green gift ideas that are perfect for friends and family. JEWELRY: Jewels are one of the recycled products that have broadly been produced in various forms various companies and crafters, some use old cans or plastic bottles while others
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