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  1. So you want a home that's cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but you're sick and tired of paying ridiculous monthly energy bills. You look around and wonder if there's any way to keep your home comfortable, while not giving the utility company another dime. What options do you have for changing the temperature of your home's air while staying "off the grid?" Actually, more options than you probably think. Let the Outside In If the idea of high utility bills and constant maintenance don't sound like your idea of a relaxing summer, consider opening some windows to drop th
  2. Green cars have been growing in popularity the last decade or so, and not just due to environmentalists or people who want to limit their carbon footprint. Green cars are not only more eco-friendly, but they’re also economical, getting great fuel economy. Most car manufacturers have edged into the green industry with their own eco-friendly cars, and although they’re still relatively new to the automotive industry, they have good selection of desirable features. Here are 5 technologies that make green cars even safer. 1. All-Electric All-electric cars are appealing for a number
  3. Do you love nature and the great outdoors? If you’re looking for a relaxing and stress-relieving activity, there are few places better to find this than the great outdoors. Exercise can be a a great stress-reliever. It’s not only essential for overall health and wellness, but it’s also a natural mood booster. Some activities have the added benefit of relieving the symptoms of chronic pain conditions. Here are five calming outdoor activities your doctor, chiropractor, or health care provider may recommend for de-stressing in green spaces. 1. Gardening You don’t have to be a mast
  4. You might be surprised by all of the crazy possibilities out there for people to go green. From what you buy for your day-to-day office operations to how you decorate your office, you can save a lot of money. It might be just what you need to improve your bank account and be more eco-friendly at the same time. Opt for Sustainable Materials Whether you’re redecorating your law office in hopes to bring in new clients or simply in hopes to cut costs down the road, choose sustainable materials like hardwood floors. This is a bit of an initial investment to install, but you won’t ha
  5. Drought brings special challenges to dry and desert climate dwellers. Droughts impact the available water, making it scarce to completely unavailable for potentially long periods. Water is necessary for drinking, growing the vegetables, raising livestock, bathing, cooking, cleaning, laundry and sewage transport and treatment. To ensure continued water availability during dry times and get the most of your available water, here are four ways to do your part in a drought. Water-Saving Behaviors The simplest, and cheapest, way to save water is changing your habits surrounding regul
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