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  1. Its About Time They Proved It. Am Sick Of People Going "Its The Sun". When Clearly its there ignorance which is killing the planet. Does Anyone Else Feel Its Kinda Scary Knowing We Because Of Us (The Human Race) Our Home Is Dieing. Just GOes To Show We Are Like A Plague Spreading Across The Earth Destroying Every Thing In Our Path. Why Cant People See If Every One Did There Bit For The Planet We Could Save Earth, And Not Kill Ourselfs.
  2. Do You Think Becoming Vegie Is Green?
  3. well its certainly a step in the right direction. At least some ones helping us protect them
  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwww lol there so cute they looks so harmless don't they. Why are we killing them?
  5. Your so right. the end is coming we have to act. but no one will. OMG
  6. Whats the point in killing them. some times i think that some countries are stupid why kill them off the stupid jap's. well not all of them are stupid, there government is
  7. Thanks Dude, i am acting now . i hope everyone else is to
  8. there cool simon, if this doesn't turn heads what will:P
  9. We need to go back to basics really. we don't really need to keep buying new phones ect.
  10. Hello everyone my name is Dylan. How is everyone doing?
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