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  1. Hello!So one of my blog writers (a masters Zoology student in the UK) has written this piece - 'Don't for get Indigenous Peoples in Conservation'. https://japa.guru/2016/12/13/dont-forget-indigenous-peoples-conservation/This is a hugely important topic that often, and wrongly, gets swept under the carpet. I would love to hear some people's thoughts on this. It is a topic that I am hoping to gain some traction and create more awareness about. I'm sure it is something that many of you are aware about - being such a forward thinking forum.
  2. It is rather bleak. But there are things in the pipeline - last resort fixes. Not ideal but we can hope!
  3. I would love to hear some people's opinion on this - 2016 being the third consecutive year must be ringing some alarm bells? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-38652746
  4. Thank you for your Welcome Simon! I wish you a great day
  5. Hello everyone! I am from England and I have always been madly passionate about nature, wildlife, conservation and sustainability. I am an eco-warrior and hope to spread these positive life ideals. Step by step we can change the behaviour of mankind and do some good in this world. I strongly believe that the many small changes each individual makes in their own lives will have a great combined effect. It is hard to see the destruction going on all around us and, at times, even harder to see the ignorance of many. That is why I believe it is so important to educate. It i
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