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Liz Thompson
Liz Thompson

De-clutter Your Beauty Regimen


Creative Commons License Photo credit: | spoon |

With the arrival of the New Year, we are in the mood to organize and clear out the clutter in our homes, offices and closets.  The same needs to happen for your beauty regimen.

Most of us have way too many products in our bathroom cupboard and probably use too many of them in any given day.  For freshness and effectiveness, the less you have on hand at one time, the better.

There is something very liberating about paring down on your beauty routine.  In our busy, hectic days it seems we need to let go here and there, and if you can shed a few minutes off of your get-ready-time in the morning you are off to a great start.

You really only need a handful of good beauty products to keep your skin happy and healthy, starting with a good cleanser.  You may need to switch to a more moisturizing cleanser in colder months, like a milk or cream cleanser.  The lowest cost and most effective cleanser for dry skin is an oil.  Only a small amount is needed to remove makeup, dirt and impurities and if you are especially in need of more moisture, simply forgo any toner.

Toners can refresh the skin and remove oils.  Those with oily or acne prone skin types find toners especially effective but they can be too harsh or drying for dry or sensitive skin.  If you do like to use a toner be sure to keep it simple and gentle.  Witch Hazel is a gentle yet effective toner for those with acne.

As for moisturizers, an oil and a nurturing lotion or cream (depending on your skin type) should be all you need.  Rosehip Oil is an excellent choice.  It helps prevent signs of aging and breakouts, soaks into skin easily and is suitable for all skin types.  Rosehip Oil can be used on clean skin at night alone or before your moisturizer.  A thicker, creamier moisturizer may be needed in the winter when the skin is at its driest.  You may wish to stick to your lighter moisturizer (along with the use of a facial oil) if your skin is very oily.  But be sure not to confuse skin that is prone to breakouts with skin that needs less moisture.  Often skin that is not receiving enough moisture will produce more oil, causing skin to breakout.

 Experts say it is best to use sunscreen all year round.  Be sure to use a mineral based sunscreen, like those made with zinc or titanium oxide.

And remember to exfoliate too.  When the skin is drier, and more fragile, we need to use a gentler exfoliant.  Plain organic yogurt is an amazing exfoliant and leaves skin bright and glowing.  Mix with olive or grape seed oil for added hydration.  Once or twice a week is plenty.

These simple skincare staples should carry you through winter beautifully.  All you need are a mineral foundation and blush and a nontoxic mascara and you will be ready to go most any day!

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Guest commercial bin cleaning


I think the best advice is to clean your surroundings first, there should be no clutter around you, try cleaning your garden, your room, your kitchen, etc. After that follow the steps above for a healthy and flawless skin

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