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  1. Enjoying our new Isla Browns. At point-of-lay and very clean, shiny feathers on top of some juicy fat meat. In perfect condition. Now I just have to keep them that way!
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  2. Happy Earth Day! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBzfZuLihRE
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  3. Hello Donna King, welcome to Green Blog! :)
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  4. I am M.P.’s mother. He would have turned 16 in December. On Sept. 15, the first day of school, he went to the fourth floor of the school building and jumped. He died on Sept. 25. We have lost an intelligent boy who was full of ideas, poetry and love. This inexplicable act leaves us stunned and silent. In my infinite sorrow I find a little consolation in reading his thoughts here ... thanks to those who have shared them with him.
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