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  1. Simon

    Abstinence Education Test (picture)

    They teach these things at school in USA? Amazing... A high school kid fills out his "Abstinence Cartoon Dialog" test with some great drawings. Source: http://www.cslacker.com/images/funny/amazing/abstinence_education_test/ Via: Reddit
    5 points
  2. YounGMessiah

    Google Plus

    Just curious on how many of y'all are now using G+ or heard of it? Also I have invites :)
    4 points
  3. zararina

    What do you collect?

    I used to collect old postal stamps since high school years. I also collect some old coins and old paper money. I still keep my collections until now. Do you have any collection? ;)
    4 points
  4. zararina

    Summer Activities

    What are your usual summer activities? I enjoy being in the beach during summer but I do not go often to the beach. Since I could do some other activities like going in the park which is nearer to us have picnic or food trip there. I also stay at home more when it was summer to avoid the heat outside and would go out late afternoon if ever I would go to the mall.
    4 points
  5. Simon

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter everyone! Now don't eat too much chocolate.. :cute: And so the holiday continues...
    4 points
  6. Cecille

    What's your occupation?

    Hello everyone! I made this thread because i am curious as to what everybody does for a living. I work from home at the moment. My earnings are not as big as I want it to but I am quite satisfied by the fact that I can still look after my kids even if I am working. And it's been a great help for my husband. Now, I don't run out of cash anymore. Now guys, it's your turn to share what you do. What's your job? If you are still studying, you can indicate the job of your parents too. :)
    3 points
  7. Simon

    A visualisation: The world as 100 people

    Here is a beautiful graph that breaks down the planet into demographic groups. If the world were 100 people it would look something like this:  
    3 points
  8. zararina

    The lunar eclipse

    Have you witnessed the lunar eclipse last night? I actually thought I would not be able to see it since the sky seems not to be clear earlier in the evening. But luckily it becomes clearer as the lunar eclipse starts until the total lunar eclipse had happened. It was really nice to be able to see such kind of natural phenomenon.
    3 points
  9. The internet vigilantism and bad journalism in the wake of the Boston Marathon tradgedy is sickening! A high school student now fears for his life after being wrongfully labelled as a suspect for the Boston bombing by the New York Post and users on both Reddit and 4chan.   "A teenager says he is scared to go outside after he was portrayed on the internet and on the front page of the New York Post as connected to the deadly Boston Marathon bombings. Photos of Salah Eddin Barhoum, 17, and friend Yassine Zaime were posted on websites whose users have been scouring marathon-finish-line phot
    3 points
  10. UK Green Film Festival

    The UK Green Film Festival needs you!!

    The UK Green Film Festival in association with Friends of the Earth presents Love Green London 2013. (1st/2nd June) WE NEED YOUR HELP. This year we are raising the stakes and pushing harder to create a much-needed hubbub around environmental issues and the individual's ability to engage and make some change. We believe that a free, accessible and downright vivacious opening weekend in Hackney's very own Gillett Square in London will do just that. Imagine if you will, stalls showcasing the very best of local green business, oodles of ethically sourced food and drink, a catwalk of the
    3 points
  11. Simon

    Steve Jobs

    Okay, Steve Jobs is dead. It's always sad when people die. But come on guys. Lets put things into perspective. Steve Jobs did not change the world. He made a fortune selling overpriced shiny gadgets with a short lifespan created by sweatshop workers. As someone else said: "Jobs wasn't a designer, engineer, inventor or a great innovator. Perhaps, he was a fighter for new ideas, but his major contribution was a brand and a business philosophy. If he did something beyond that for the world, I'm not aware of it." Also, to everyone who keeps posting cartoons with Steve Jobs in heaven, this
    3 points
  12. zararina

    Eco-Friendly Home Furniture

    I think furniture that are made from natural materials are more earth friendly although it could mean some plants or trees are being cut for it (as long as they would plant new ones ). There are also furniture that are made from recycled materials just like those that are made from used cans, used paper and some other materials that can be reused. Below are some that I had searched online.
    3 points
  13. Simon

    Why others do not believe in global warming?

    Why do some people deny the overwhelming evidence for anthropogenic climate change? I think there are many different answers to that question. Their denialism could for example be supported by religious beliefs. Especially Christians have this weird belief that we humans have the right to do whatever we please against nature because we are above the animals. Some also believe that it doesn't matter if we destroy our planet and nature simply because the rapture / judgement day will soon come and that they will come to a better place after their death. I wrote a blog post in 2009 about how E
    3 points
  14. Simon

    Community Rules and Guidelines

    We believe in everyone’s right to freedom of speech. But freedom of expression means little if people don't feel safe to speak up and voice their opinion. To ensure that users on this website feel safe expressing diverse opinions and beliefs, we do not tolerate behaviour that crosses the line into abuse, such as harassment, intimidation, or fear. This community is a place for diverse and civilised discussions and interactions between people from all corners of the world. As a member of this community, you are expected to actively participate in making the website a respectful and kind pla
    3 points
  15. brettbh

    Swedes miss Capri after GPS gaffe

    A Swedish couple in search of the isle of Capri drove to Carpi, an industrial town in northern Italy, because they misspelt the name in their car's GPS. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8173308.stm
    3 points
  16. Simon

    Picture yourself! :)

    Nice title, eee? Show the members of the forum an picture of yourself! I'll go first (with an picture of me from last year I belive)...
    3 points
  17. Simon

    Do you smoke?

    Do you smoke? I am just being curious (also I wanted to try and create a poll!). And no, I don't smoke.
    2 points
  18. Ann2x

    Making Your Home Environmentally Friendly

    We have been able to install some solar panels and it has been such a surprise! (And it's nice to get money BACK from the electric companies.....for once!) And we've renovated our house and took out a lot of the carpeting in it, mainly bamboo flooring, with carpet in the girls' rooms. And I've had to switch over to the non-toxic cleaners years ago....when someone who doesn't have asthma starts having a hard time breathing....you rethink how you clean. There are wonderful alternative cleaning products out there, and some DIY stuff that are NOT expensive. Great tips here.
    2 points
  19. Simon

    The U.S. now uses more corn to fuel their cars than to eat

    Only around 20% of all the corn grown in America now goes to feed humans. The majority of the corn produced is being turned into ethanol fuel, TreeHugger reports. And one smaller part of the corn production also goes to feed our ever expanding meat industry. Global Hunger Index says that America's use of biofuels plays a big role in creating famine's and increasing food prices around the world. "US policies encouraging corn ethanol production, such as subsidies and mandates, ensure more corn is grown for fuel rather than food – especially when oil prices are high. "What this mean
    2 points
  20. Dee

    "Earth Box" analogues from Cat Litter Bins

    We have five indoor cats. Yes, I know the first step in the triangle of plastics is reduce plastic use, but paper bags of litter rip. The next step is reuse, and I came up with a way to reuse the plastic litter bins as square foot gardening tubs. You may be familiar with "Earth Box" type gardening bins. They're designed for weed-free gardening or apartments. The idea is to have a plastic bin with a screen a few inches fro the bottom. A tube runs from the top to the bottom through a hole in the screen. Another gap in the screen is across from the tube on the other end of the tub. The final
    2 points
  21. Simon


    What is your opinion about abortions? Are they right or wrong? If men were the ones having the child there would be drive-in abortion clinics everywhere and we wouldn't even have this discussion. Let the women decide over her own body herself!
    2 points
  22. antioxidantking


    Why palm sugar is a better alternative to processed sugar. Palm sugar is a nutrient-rich, low-glycemic crystalline sweetener that looks, tastes, dissolves and melts almost exactly like sugar, but it's completely natural and unrefined. It's acquired from palm flowers growing high up and out of reach by most people, then they are opened to collect their liquid flower nectar. This nectar is then air-dried to form a crystalline sugar that's naturally brown in color and naturally rich in a number of key minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients, including potassium, zinc, iron, and vitamins B1, B2, B3
    2 points
  23. Mark Piazzalunga

    After Fukushima Japan Invests in Coal Industry

    In these days Japanese government took the worst decision concerning energy: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing Japan’s coal industry to expand sales at home and abroad. Japan is still fixing the disasters of Fukushima and what is the best thing to do after a nuclear disaster? Expand coal industry! What kind of government would do the contrary of what U.N. told to do for the wellness of planet? A new energy plan approved by Japan’s cabinet on April 11 designates coal an important long-term electricity source. Japan is one of the richest states in the world and this decision is a step backw
    2 points
  24. NoNukes


    Let people decide what they want to do with their own bodies. Preferably without any outside interference or skewed values.
    2 points
  25. Simon

    need vegetarian recipes

    Here are some kid-friendly vegetarian and vegan recipes. BBC also has plenty of kid-friendly vegetarian recipes on their website. 
    2 points
  26. Simon

    Energy Saving Lightbulbs

    You have nothing to worry about. These energy efficient light bulbs, or CFLs as they are also often called, are completely safe.   The chemical you are referring to is mercury. Its true that mercury is a dangerous chemical, but the amount of mercury in a CFL is only 4 milligrams. This can be compared to the 500 milligrams that are inside every old-style thermometer that you put in either of your orifice. Here's another example to put things into perspective: a can of tuna, sadly, contains as much mercury as a CFL.   That said, its important that you
    2 points
  27. IronSight90

    Giving Up the Smokes

    I have recently decided that I am to quit smoking. I haven't been smoking long (only about 4 years) but I have decided that enough is enough, because if I don't, I'll look back in 10 years time and wonder why I didn't stop then! Cold turkey never works for me, I've tried, I end up becoming a snarling beast and I don't want to put my friends and family through that! I am slowly weaning myself off the cigarettes, one day at a time, and it is working, but it doesn't stop the craving when I'm at work or otherwise pre-occupied... What are your experiences with quitting smoking? Any advice?
    2 points
  28. greenman

    Eco Gadgets you own

    I own mini solar power battery chargers. I use it to charge my phone and MP3 player. I also own a wind up radio and a water powered clock. My favourite gadget is the solar battery chargers. I use the chargers often and they are very efficient. Reduces my electricity bill as well.
    2 points
  29. Rhonda

    Record-breaking 154 meters wide wind turbine

    That is huge, but it does make sense if it's going to produce more power. I'm not sure building turbines of this size is a good idea for off-shore locations, though. Not only is it going to take a lot more effort and resources to make sure it's secure, it will also entail large expenditures of resources to deal with any maintenance. I hope that doesn't put the carbon equation too far on the plus side.
    2 points
  30. joydyats

    Top 10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Global Warming

    Burning fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, oil and gasoline raises the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect and global warming. You can help to reduce the demand for fossil fuels, which in turn reduces global warming, by using energy more wisely. Here are 10 simple actions you can take to help reduce global warming. 1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 2. Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning 3. Change a light bulb 4. Drive less and drive smart 5. Buy Energy-Efficient Products 6. Use Less Hot Water 7. Use
    2 points
  31. snowdoll487

    E-Books vs. Traditional Books

    With the current e-trend gaining popularity all over the world, everyone is switching their old favorites to its e-version. Just like most of my friends starting to switch from reading traditional books to e-versions of these books. They find it convenient, especially for e-readers with atlas installed as they can easily search the meaning of a unfamiliar word without the help of a hand-carry dictionary. Come to think of it, less popularity of traditional/paper books there will probably less need to cut trees for mass production of printed books. There are books selling millions of copies
    2 points
  32. zararina

    Kind of shows

    What kind of shows you really enjoy watching? Personally I do enjoy watching reality shows such as singing contests, cooking shows and talent shows. I also enjoy watching news shows such as local evening news. Some of my favorite shows are X factor and Got Talent shows.
    2 points
  33. zararina

    Christmas Shopping

    Do you enjoy Christmas shopping and do you do it early or just few days before the holiday? I personally enjoy Christmas shopping and usually start shopping as early of 2nd week of November. This is too avoid too much congestion on shopping malls and market. And also to still have time to save money for some other things for the holiday like for the foods.
    2 points
  34. Leila

    Healthy Activities

    One healthy activity that I am really thankful to have incorporated into my life is - cleaning the house with natural products. Instead of using normal detergents that are dangerous chemicals, we use bicarbonate of soda and lemon. It works amazingly well. As a natural air freshener, we use pure water with a few drops of eucalyptus - it purifies the air as it is antibacterial and it is earth-friendly with a lovely clean aroma. To repel pests we place cotton balls with peppermint on them - ants, mice and cockroaches dislike the smell. We use no chemicals in any of our cleaning and that i
    2 points
  35. Simon

    The reputation system

    I've changed the reputation system a little today. I've replaced the up and down arrows with a simple "Like" button. As a result you cannot downvote posts anymore. But I think this new system with only a Like button is friendlier and a bit more familiar for people so hopefully it will get more usage (or likes!).
    2 points
  36. Simon

    Fukushima nuclear disaster

    Exactly! Even people in the nuclear industry knows this. In light of the Fukushima nuclear disaster the Italian nuclear engineer and safety expert Cesare Silvi explained why he left his former pro-nuclear stance for solar and other renewable energy sources: “I soon came to the conclusion that neither international cooperation nor technological advancements would guarantee human societies to build and safely run nuclear reactors in all possible conditions on Earth (earthquakes, floods, droughts, tornadoes, wars, terrorism, climate change, tsunamis, pandemics, etc.). I am sadly reminde
    2 points
  37. I would actually say overconsumption trumps overpopulation in a lot of ways. The population of a country doesn't always have much of a bearing on how much energy they waste. Take the US for example. Compared to many countries, we have a pretty even ratio of people/population to land area. Yet, we waste so much of the world's natural resources. As a whole, our countries carbon footprint is astronomical, and unlike some European countries we seem not to care much about trying to find alternative energy sources. There's a statistic I've heard many times that only 20% of earth's populati
    2 points
  38. Simon

    Penn & Teller call Bullshit on organics

    In their latest episode Penn & Teller calls organic food "bullshit". But what they fail to mention is that their so called "expert", Alex Avery, is paid by the Hudson Institute. The Hudson Institute is an American conservative, religious and a pro-free market think tank (read: corporate lobbyists) which is funded by corporations such as Monsanto. Oh! Also, don't forget that Penn & Teller are members of the Cato Institute. http://www.sourcewat...ller:_Bullshit! http://www.sourcewat...=Cato_Institute Simply put: Don't trust a magician!
    2 points
  39. Photo credit: Hipnos I often hear people saying that overpopulation is the main problem to our environmental and ecological problems. Some people even claim that it?s responsible for global warming. I also agreed with this idea before. But after reading more about the subject over the years I have changed my mind. The rich countries in the ?North?, i.e. the West, have a ?rapidly decreasing? population which is ?expected to decline over the next forty years.? Developing countries such as India, China and most of Africa on the other hand is where we will see future population numbers in
    2 points
  40. Simon

    What is worth more? A human or one mp3 file?

    This screenshot says it all: Source
    2 points
  41. Simon

    Happy Midsummer Everyone!

    Happy Midsummer Everyone! Mmm gotta go and eat some more pickled herring... http://su.pr/1U0MMg http://su.pr/2kLmEt
    2 points
  42. brettbh

    Darkoelectric: A new form of renewable energy?

    2 points
  43. Link

    Is everything predetermined or do we have free will?

    This is a philosophical question, not a political question. It is something I have been wondering about for quite some time. What is freedom of will? Do we have freedom over our actions, or is everything predetermined by god, laws of causation, genetics or whatever? And if you don't believe in free will, then why bother 'trying' to change anything?
    1 point
  44. Simon

    What is the true cost of gasoline?

    This video from the American Center for Investigative Reporting talks about the true cost of gasoline. The video focus is mainly on the USA so there are a lot of confusing "pounds" and "gallons" and such. But it's still a good video that tries to take up the hidden and external costs (such as air pollution) of gasoline. Watch it: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=6RhYY_4Wzls
    1 point
  45. man007

    Cost of Solar Panels

    I have an idea on how to get the solar panel for free. You can get a loan to buy the solar panels. Then provide the electricity (the first years), that the solar panel will produce, to an electricity station and the electricity station will pay your loan. Do you think this will work? It sound possible...
    1 point
  46. man007

    Which is the real problem: Overconsumption or overpopulation?

    I think that overpopulation is worse than overconsumption. I am saying that because overpopulation is what causes the overconsumpion. The more we are the more we consume... ;)
    1 point
  47. hydn

    Hej! I am the very first user on this forum

    Nice to see that the forum is going again. :)
    1 point
  48. armadillo

    Hej! I am the very first user on this forum

    I wanna be a seed Hi everyone! :D
    1 point
  49. We have had our disagreements to the answer to this question before Simon, but perhaps we're not that far from each other. I would say that the biggest problem is overconsumption. Wasteful nature is dangerous and it is something we must always be mindful of. But that does not mean that I think overpopulation isn't a problem, I think it's almost as big a problem as overconsumption. You could even view it as a certain type of overconsumption. There's a parallel between using more resources than what is sustainable, and having more people than the resources that we have can sustain. I believe we
    1 point
  50. Link

    Hej! I am the very first user on this forum

    Why hello there newbie. B)
    1 point
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