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  1. Happy Jolene

    Hello green community!

    Hello my name is Jolene and I recently joined this green community. I am interested in discussing and sharing tips on how we all can live a green and sustainable life. I am also planning on creating a new blog once my account has been fully approved.
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  2. Qudrat Ullah

    Me as Environmentalist

    My name is Qudrat Ullah and I am an MPhil Environmental Science student at Government College University Faisalabad. I have a passion for environmental conservation and sustainability, which led me to pursue my academic career in this field. I have completed my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science from the same university and have gained a strong foundation in various aspects of environmental science, including ecology, pollution control, climate change, and environmental policy. Throughout my academic journey, I have participated in various research projects and community outreach pr
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  3. Qudrat Ullah

    The Hidden Environmental Costs of Fast Fashion

    Fast fashion is a term used to describe the quick turnaround of clothing production to meet the demands of rapidly changing fashion trends. While it may seem like a convenient way to stay up-to-date with the latest styles, the environmental and social costs of fast fashion are significant. Water Pollution: The fashion industry is a major polluter of waterways. The production of clothing requires large amounts of water, and many of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process end up in rivers and streams. These chemicals include dyes, bleach, and other toxic substances that can harm aq
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