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  1. EnviroGadget

    What do you think would encourage more public transport usage?

    What factors do you think would encourage more public transport? Please name your country when replying, as different factors will be apparent in some countries. I personally think that in the UK, we need: Cheaper public transport compared to cars. i.e. it needs to be financially worthwhile Flexibility - unless you can get to where you need to, there's no point using public transport Reliability - if a bus doesn't turn up, people won't use it again.
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  2. Love 4 Mother Earth

    Was the Sahara desertification man-made?

    I would like to start a topic about the Sahara desert. Did you know that only 6000 years ago, this immense area was not a desert, it was a thriving forest. Sahara became the desert we know today about 2700 years ago. Some scientists say that it was because of climate change, or a change in the axis of the Earth. But I am not convinced. Why didn't this climate change take place in South America as well? Why didn't the Amazon jungle become a desert. Scientist forget that 6000 years ago, the Earth was populated. The Egyptians were a thriving civilization, building incredible pyramids
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  3. sillylucy

    Bike Share Programs

    How do you feel about bike rental or bike share programs that are starting to spring up in cities like Boston and New York? You basically rent a bike for an hour or a day and drop it off at a little station. It seems like a good deal when one train ride costs $2 and you can get a whole bike to write around for less than $10. I wish we had that in Los Angeles, but the city is so huge I don't think it will take off.
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  4. People's World

    Worse than we thought: Climate uncertainties turning into harsh facts

    Beware uncertainty! It can cut both ways - something the climate change deniers want us to ignore at our peril. The well-funded deniers have taken advantage of the great amounts of uncertainty about climate science, climate change, and the interlocking web of life that is nature, the nature on which humanity depends for its existence. And they have been correct that there has been and continues to be much uncertainty. Climate models and projections are guesstimates, not absolute proof. The world's climate system is complex and interacts in sometimes unexpected ways. But the climate ch
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