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Gardening Tips for Growing Vegetables

Stacy Green

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1.      You can still rescue your tomatoes if it is getting cold and they are still growing. Put them in a warmer place. They will still ripen even once they have been picked.

2.      Keep your vegetables clean while they are still growing in the ground. Put mulch around each item, suing a simple one or two-inch layer.

3.      To make your life easier, paint your garden tools or their handles bright colors (ut not green). It will help you to find your tools more quickly when they are on the ground or grass.

4.      If you have compost, let it stabilize while it is in the soil. Stabilization can take two or three weeks.

5.      You don't need to spend time mixing soil with your compost. Just spread your new compost in the late fall. Do it over all your garden and after your harvest has been picked. In winter, nature will do its job and mix it with soil.

6.      If you like vine-grown vegetables and have no room to plant them, you can hang them on a fence or even a vertical trellis. This will save space and will look awesome.

7.      Overripe vegetables in your garden are an easy target for pests. You should remove these vegetables as soon as possible before the others are damaged by pests too.

8.      If you do not know when to gather onions, just look at their tops. If the top has fallen over, your onion is ready.

9.      Remember that under-watering is not as bad as over-watering. You can always easily revive a dry plant, but it is very difficult to dry out the roots when they are rotten.

10.  Put compost into each hole when planting vegetables. There will be less stress for the plant because of that extra boost.



11.  Insects hate garlic, chives and onions, so plant these vegetables around your entire garden to prevent insect attacks on your harvest.

12.  Every plant should have its place. Read carefully about how to plant correctly and which kind of plants go together.

13.  Water your garden in the morning. Actually, you should start as early as you can.

14.  There are some types of vegetables that become better after the first frost. So don't worry about frost on some cabbages, carrots, and kale.

15.  If you decided to transplant your tomatoes, cover them with soil up to the first few leaves. This will encourage their roots to grow.


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