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Reuse plastic bottles

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Obviously it would be more ideal to simply not use plastic bottles like this at all.

Even though I don't generally buy them myself, I still end up with them anyway. For example, when the girls get sent home with them from school parties. I hate throwing them out, so I try to find different ways to use them up.

I have never done this, though, or even considered it! I figure the next best thing to not using them in the first place is to reuse them to the best of their potential as often as possible.


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2-liter bottles like this can be reused in a lot of ways, though. I do buy them since I can't get my soda any other way but I either put them in the recycling or find a use myself. Obviously, you would wash them out before using them for most things.

  • Cut the bottom off a 2-lt. bottle and put your yarn skein in, with the beginning out the top. Put the bottom back on and you've got a great way to keep your yarn clean and tangle free. Smaller, 20-oz bottles work the same for certain cotton threads.
  • Cut the top off just where the neck meets the bottle and you have an instant funnel.
  • File the edges of the cut off portion and stick the bottle into an old wine rack - do this for all the slots and you have a fun and unique new organizer for small items.

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This is a great thread considering that plastic bottles is something that we all have in an abudance. I saw this great link that discussed how you could make your own green house out of plastic bottles and if you're a DIY woman/man and on a budget, it is a great idea or present for your parents. The only issue is storing space..

Here is the link:


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That is very creative, thanks for sharing! I have a plastic water bottle that I leave on my desk and just refill it everyday. It is just a bottle that I bought at the gas station when I was thirsty a couple of months ago. Not only am I saving money by not constantly buying water, but that is several bottles that have not needed to be oroduced to keep me hydrated!

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There are many ways you can reuse plastic bottles. Cut the bottle into two at the trunk portion and use the down portion for planting small  plants in it. Make sure that you make at least two holes to allow the extra water to come out of the holes. You can decorate the bottom portion and use it as a stationary stand. You can also use it as a holding cup for any purposes. 

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