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Do you have a grey water system?

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Interesting! So you notice no difference even when you have some really and smelly dirty clothes?

My clothes have never smelled or felt cleaner. Vinegar kills the bacteria that feed off the dead skin and oils that build up along our clothes mainly the armpits and critch areas, feet, well you get it. With the bacteria killed off there is no smell. As far as the cleaning power its quite impressive. My husband came home covered in thin slimy cement that he let dry! I soaked the pants in the wash and ran the cycle, no more cement. Bleach can actually stain white clothes a yellow tint. Vinegar on the other hand causes the fibers to release the build up creating brighter colors and whiter whites. Sun is a natural bleach too. It also disinfects. Even i winter I will hang a jacket inside out in a sunny window. Any stale smell goes away in a few hours.

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