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Less Plastic? Really, SanDisk?

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  • 3 years later...

You know it's a gimmick and not a true social consciousness when they do stuff like this. I doubt if that saves much plastic, even over buying 3 separate ones, because that one is far larger than a single package. I hate it when companies try to latch onto green or organic labels as a marketing ploy.

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I couldn't help but laugh :lol:

But in all seriousness, what are they thinking?! I guess they use that much plastic because if not, the tiny little thumb drives would go un-noticed in shops.

Just another example of corporate greed...

It's not just that they would go unnoticed.

Instead, it's that they would be easily shoplifted. It's hard to tuck a large package into your pocket, but to tuck a few flash drives in? Yeah, pretty simple.

I really wish they'd find another alternative, though, sigh.

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Its really funny. I agree with the other posters above. They should just leave these kinds of things behind the counter so that people cannot shoplift. Besides, I thought there is already a security device located on the entrance of stores which alarms whenever people leave with things that they still haven't paid for. I wonder if it didn't occur to them to use those devices.

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I wonder if maybe it actually has to do with the machines they use. If the equipment they have in place already only has set sizes of plastic packaging to use, then it may be more cost effective to continue just using the same one as they use on other items? Instead of having to buy all new equipment for a tiny item when they may not have any others that fit in the same small packaging?

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