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The Green Directory has a mission. And that is to list the green web, one website at a time. We feature the best eco-friendly and green related websites on the web. It is completely free to be listed in the Green Directory. All we ask for in return is a link back to the directory. The rules are pretty simple and if you cant find a suitable category, you can always suggest a category.

:D I've been spending a lot of time with this new directory lately and I am happy to announce that its finally up and running. It's still in "beta" so there will definitely be a lot of bugs and errors needing to be sorted out. And for the moment the directory is only compatible with the internet browser Firefox, and to some extent Opera. I hope I will be able to find and neutralise all the bugs (now didn't that sound a bit starship troop'ish?) during the coming days.

If you find anything that looks wrong, doesn't work or something that you simply don't like. Please, let me know by either sending me a PM or posting a message here in this forum.

Now please. Help me list the green web. One website at a time. :cute:


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Sad news everyone!

In a few days I will take down the Green Directory. All links will be removed and the site will not be accessible anymore.

Why do I do this? Because I frankly don't have the time any longer to be able to manage all my websites (I've got quite a few!). But also because Green Blog and this environment forum is taking more and more of my time (Which is a good thing!).

And I don't want to stand behind any half-finished or half-active websites. I wanna feel proud over my work and I want others to enjoy the sites as well. Thats why I think it's the best to close down my other websites so I can concentrate fully on making Green Blog and this forum more active and even better than before.

I hope you'll understand. :hug:

If you want to take over the Green Directory (along with domain name, directory script and website design) just send me a PM or an email at info@green-blog.org and maybe we can come to some sort of agreement. :)

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That's sad to hear. I really like the directory. Maybe I should be interested in taking over. Hmmmm, maybe too much work but I'm interested. It's a really nice GREEN directory.

Thank you! :)

Yes I like the directory too. But I haven't had enough time lately for it. And this fall I will get even less time for it as I will "go back" to school. Or in this case the University.

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I just noticed you asked me this question. Sorry it took me so long. Anyway, if you want to know what I'm "reading", currently it's "The Straw Men" but if you want to know what I'm studying in school, it's Information Technology. I'm assuming that's what you're asking, right?

:lol: Yes, that's what I asked.

Sorry, but sometimes translations from Swedish to English gets a bit confusing! Asking someone in Swedish what he or she reads (in the context of school) would mean "what are you studying".

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