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A Human chain against climate change - we need your support


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Here`s a new project against climate change which started 2 days ago.

We need you, Take Part - Only together we can make a change.


The Idea of WeDoSomething.net

It has never been more important to do something against the climate change than right now. Mankind and all flora and fauna is in danger.

We can do something to prevent it if we stand together - in the truest sense of the word.

We want to create a simple demonstration against climate change, a sign to tell everyone what we need to save the climate, and an inspiration for other people to join.

The idea is to build a human chain together. We want to create a human chain so big, that it literally goes around the earth.

The Scale of the earth is 40.000 kilometers around. One man or woman has a span of ca. 1.6 meters holding the hand of the next one.

So to complete the human chain around the world it takes 25.000.000 people.

25 million people can make a change. This is more than a demonstration and a signal to the world; it is proof that everyone of us can make a change directly.

Add your name, city and what you can do against climate change now, and what you will do in the future.

Encourage others with your ideas and get encouraged by others.

Build this human chain around the world, we can only do this together. Be part of it!

Best regards


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Build this human chain around the world, we can only do this together

Great idea, bad timing! May need to hang on until people are not so focused on the number of people getting laid off.

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you guys are fucking stupid who do you think caused all the climit changes before we where here??

Maybe you should try to learn how to spell properly during these 365 days you are suspended from this site?

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All good advice and much appreciated - but Im curious, why have two folk said to take ID - what in the world is this for, so you can remember who you are? Seriouly

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