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Save Money and Time This Winter by Going Green


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Going green this winter is actually quite easy, and it will save you lot's of money and time to spend on something more fun. The examples I give below on how you can go green this winter are just basic stuff. You can and should always do more.

Don't make that warm air escape!

During the colder days in fall and winter you should make sure that your doors and windows are sealed and insulated properly. This way you won't let cold air inside and war air escape and therefore you will save money on your heating bills. Remember that over 20% of the heat in homes is lost via gaps under doors and around openings of windows. If you want to get some fresh air inside the house don't have a window or two opened all the time. Instead properly vent and let in the fresh air by opening all windows and doors during a shorter period of time, preferably on the day when it's sunny and warmer outside.

Wear more clothes

Instead of turning up the heat wear a warmer sweater and make use of your blankets. Remember that you will save 10% of your energy costs by just lowering the temperature by one degree.

Replace your energy wasting light bulbs

Replace all your incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Sure CFLs are a bit more expensive, but they last much longer than ordinary lamps and they waste much less energy than ordinary lamps.

For example, Ireland has decided to ban all energy wasting incandescent light bulbs by year 2009. This move will save the households in Ireland the impressive amount of €185 million in energy costs. It will also reduce Irelands carbon emissions with around 700 000 tons every year. That's not bad for just changing light bulbs.

LED Christmas Lights

If you really must decorate the outside of your house to look like a Christmas airport runway you should at least use LED Christmas lights. These LED lamps works and looks just like ordinary and more traditional incandescent decoration lamps. The difference is that they last longer and use up to 98% less energy.

Winterize your bike

If you prepare yourself and your bike you can still use your bike to work, for commutes or different errands during winter. Biking will help you stay healthy and in shape, that way you won't have to promise to buy an expansive gym card on New Years Eve.

During the winter you should use a bike with wider tires. This way you will get a better grip on the road. Don't forget to use reflectors on both of your wheels and both on the front and behind. Your bicycle must also be equipped with lights so that you can see the road and so that others can see you. It doesn't matter if you just bike in the city surrounded with street lights, lights it's a must to be able to bike safely after dusk or before dawn. In many countries there are also laws on this.

Try not to get cold around your neck, foots and hands as it will make it easy for you to catch a cold. So make sure you wear warm gloves, shoes and maybe even a scarf. As you bike your body will become warmer so you don't really need the biggest and warmest jacket. Just get a jacket that protects you from the wind, and if you are unlucky, the wet snow. And last but not least. Don't forget your helmet!

Buy organic and local

Instead of buying cheap crap called food by the manufactures, filled with toxins and produced under sceptical conditions, you should buy organic food. By now organic food has had a major upswing and you can find an organic option to pretty much everything. Also try to buy products that have been produced in your city or nearby. That way the products haven't been transported over long distances and you will support your local community. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Shop online

Now I've come to the easiest way to go green this winter. Instead of rushing in and out of malls and shops in an effort to find your Christmas presents you should get the presents online. This way the presents will be delivered to your door and you will save valuable time (and money) that you can spend doing something else.

Shopping online will save you and other shoppers the increasingly costly gas prices as you won't need to drive your car to the shops. Energy and materials needed to build, operate and maintain the shopping malls and buildings would also be saved. Research has proven that internet shopping may use 40% and up to 90% less fuel.

If you for some reason don't feel safe shopping online you should at least consult the Internet. This way you don't have to drive around looking for that special thing or product while wasting money and energy.

But remember, the more products your buy and consume the more waste you will leave behind you. So maybe this Christmas you should try to reduce the amounts of presents and gifts. One gift per person is more than enough as Christmas is more than just presents and stuff. It's about eating well and being together with the ones you love.

Promise to lower your carbon footprint

When New Years Eve comes, promise that during the next year you will lower your carbon footprint compared to previous years. You can easily find out how much carbon you pollute and energy you waste by using one of many carbon calculators online.

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