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yes i totally agree with them, it's sad that almost all my zoos has been closed due to lack of founds. :( i belive that kids in 50 years will see animals only on tv which is sad

I was at a zoo a year ago and they had a sign that had a kid asking what a lion was and the parent said that it was a large cat that used to be called a king.

It's sad to think of zoos closing. That means that more personal zoos might kick up and I think everyone knows how many of those are.

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If zoos main motive is not to earn money for the owners, it was good. There are really some zoos that uses their funds to save endangered species and fund animal programs like awareness programs. Animals should not suffer being in a zoo and so they should be provided a shelter almost close to their natural habitat and have enough care and food.

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I deeply and I mean deeply despise zoos. They are horrible self-serving places that should be swallowed up by the earth. I am not speaking of animal sanctuaries, where animals have been saved from cruelty but of actual zoos where animals are confined to unnatural circumstances. There is nothing I hate more than zoos.


Many are inhumane with some of the worst I have seen in Asia and Africa...seeing elephants sitting in concrete jungles and I mean...literally concrete, was sickening. What makes us humans think that animals want to live in boxes the way we do?

The day zoos are made illegal is the day humanity shows that it has some chance of growing past its self serving greed.

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It really depends on whether they have been set up for the good of the animals. Sometimes animals are taken there because of injury or they have been shunned from their pack or family. Sometimes they need to be protected and are unable to look after themselves. It is always good to do a little research before we support a zoo.

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