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Just curious on how many of y'all are now using G+ or heard of it? Also I have invites :)

Is there anyone else here that use Google+ with Firefox? For me Google+ has been running extremely slow, especially when you are browsing through your stream, on Firefox lately. It works just fine on Chrome which makes me a bit suspicious actually. Is the Google team deliberately trying to make their services, such as Google+, worse for non-Chrome users in an effort to drive more of its web visitors towards their own browser? It sounds silly, I know. But they have been doing this for a couple of years now for Opera users... <_<

Just started with Google+ and try to get the feel for it. I'm pretty occupied with creating my own blog and that feature is awesome.

Show us! ;)

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When there was invite only for google plus,I tried hard to join it.One friend of mine send me invites but it said it only takes 18+ members and my google profile was 17 at that time.So,I feel it disgusting and didn't try to join it anymore.By the way,I am like against social networking sites for social use because of bad experience in the past with them.Just use then for internet sites/forums promotion.

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I do not use google plus on a regular basis, but only have used it once or twice. It is quite popular these days and I believe that features in it are quite excellent and very useful to the people. I hope that the one day I start using it how I use regularly use Facebook and Twitter. However, till now I have not checked all the features it provides and how vastly it can be used for other purposes. 

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I tried out Google Plus but never really got into it. Honestly I am surprised Google made something that didn't really take off, but to me plus isn't particularly user friendly or interesting (just my opinion no disrespect meant) and I think that is a huge flaw. I remember when it came out and there were high hopes for it, lots of companies wanted to include it in their social media packages and now most corporations I know spend little to no time utilizing it.

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