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How do you stay fit?

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I am not strict in my diet but as much as possible, i include vegetables and fruit juices in my daily food intake. I seldom have time for workouts because of busy schedule but i am trying my best to do simple exercises and stretching at home.

I hear you on that, I really don't follow a diet, but I make sure I get the right stuff in. I rarely eat fast food as it is disgusting lol. I also take multi-vitamins to help out with what I missed.

There is always time for workouts, seems like more time for excuses :P. haha just yanking your chain a little bit, but you do know there is like 5-60 minute workouts out there.

I play sports. I am currently on my high school's football team, basketball team, and track team. In the winter, I also enjoy snowboarding, which is much more of an exercise than people think. For me, that's all that's needed to stay fit.

Good for you

I still want to go snowboarding it looks and sounds so fun! I live in Colorado, so I got plenty of snow.

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Well, I try to stay away from fatty foods. And I try to eat more fruits and veggies. I do not exercise but I always walk as long as I can when going outdoors. I am also doing household chores which I think is also a form of exercise. Well, I like to buy a treadmill someday so that i would have the exercise that I really want.

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The best thing to do is watch what you eat, how much you eat and how much exercise you get in a day. If you drink nothing but soda, you will not lose weight. Cutting out all sugary drinks and switching to water will help you jump start a weight loss plan.

The next thing that I do is make sure that when I do eat, I don't over do the portion sizes. This is very important when you go out to eat. Making sure you don't eat three day's worth of fat/sodium/calories in one sitting can be a huge downfall when trying to lose or watch your weight.

Another thing I try and do is very simple things like taking the stairs instead of using an elevator. I also walk to the store instead of driving the few blocks. I take my kids out on bike rides and swimming instead of sitting home in front of the television.

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Am not so much in to gym kind of exercise so I walk every morning while taking the kids to school and also while picking them. Any out door activity will be good for me so occasionally we take bike rides over the weekend. Since working on the computer the whole day can make you very unhealthy I do take break and walk around to avoid being unhealthy.

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I stay fit by always moving, like if I can walk rather than drive - I choose that option. I go for fast walks, jogs and building stamina towards a run. I also swim. And the other activity is dance. I used to do kick boxing and yoga but no longer.

I really feel that it is about the smaller things in life - often the healthier option is one that not only benefits you but your loved one too, including The Environment....who I count as a loved one.

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I don't follow a diet, but I do try to practice everything in moderation. I think depriving ourselves of certain foods only makes us crave them more and that life is meant to be enjoyed. In terms of staying fit I go to the gym 4-5 times a week and do a mix of cardio and weight training. I practice Pilates twice a week just because it feels good. Otherwise I always take the stairs when they're an option and walk everywhere--not only is this good for me but it is also good for the environment!

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I usually do not refrain from eating any food that is homemade. I believe that it is important for an individual to enjoy the way he lives and not be bound by things like calorie counts. Hence, I eat everything that is prepared at home, even if it is roasted and fried in oil.


I do yoga every morning, which helps to keep me fresh and energized throughout the day. Yoga is the element in my life that keeps me fit and healthy. Yoga has everything that you would ever need, from the simplest exercise for joints to the most complex exercises for breathing and abdominal problems and also meditation to achieve inner peace. I started practicing yoga from a very young age, thanks to my parents and will continue to do it regularly in future too.

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