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Do you know what you eat? Advertising campaign from Greenpeace

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Greenpeace hired the design firm BBDO from Moscow to tell consumers about genetically-modified organisms. The text in the ad says:

Do you know what you eat? The DNA of genetically modified plants may contain the genes of insects, animals or even viruses. These products may potentially cause harm to your health. Look for GMD free sign on the package.

The above image is cropped. More and full images after the jump:

Agency: BBDO Moscow

Brand: Greenpeace

Art-director: Gio Popiashvili (idea), Fabiano Marques

Copywriter: Ilya Petrov, Tanya Moseeva

Cliet service: Anya Bogdanova

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Had vegetables looked more like that when I was a kid, I probably wouldn't eat as many mad cows as I do today!

Seriously, those plantimals are SWEET!!! :crazyhappy:

GMOs can certainly be helpful and I'm with you... if we could get some cauliflower to taste like crab or green peas to taste like grapes I'd be gobbling them up :rolleyes:

The DNA of genetically modified plants may contain the genes of insects, animals or even viruses. These products may potentially cause harm to your health.

:thoughtful: There is only a remote chance that GMOs could contain harmful genetic material because the GMO manufacturers take care not to incur peoples wrath in this way. Besides, we don't absorb large molecules when we eat. Our digestive system breaks them into tiny pieces and usually this makes them harmless. Plus, what we digest doesn't go from our blood directly into our cells so any genes we absorb are unlikely to be expressed (ie. treated as genes by our bodies) and human cells don't adopt free floating genes into our DNA so they can't be expressed that way either.

The GMOs manufacturer's know this and the lawyers know this, which is why they will never lose a court case that charges them for making harmful foods. The case we can win, and the one no-one seems to realize is that GMOs are environmental disasters waiting to happen.

It's a serious enough topic that I think deserves a new posting so watch for it.

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