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I've not subscribed to any, as I'm not entirely sure how it works, or think I will really need to subscribe. Are these feeds sent in forms of e-mail to your inbox, by any slight chance?

Well, they could, if you want and the RSS-feed/blog has that feature. Green Blog has! Just check the top right header!

But the best way is to gather your RSS feeds in a feed reader. These days there are tons of different ones. You can download a feed reader and have it installed on your computer. Or you can use an online feed reader.

I use Google Reader: http://www.google.com/reader/

When you like a blog, news site etc you just look for their RSS feed. Most sites has a small RSS icon () or you can find the RSS feed in your browsers address field (most modern browsers has this feature).

This is how an RSS feed can look like: http://feeds.feedburner.com/GreenBlog

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Thank you for the kind information Simon, but I am still unsure of what exactly a feed means or is, and how it works, even after you so kindly explained it.

I tested it out last night, on my own site and found three topics with RSS, but i couldn't quite understand what it meant. I went to the help section, and it didn't say much information neither.

So you go on a website, and then what? You press the feed and read the topics? I'm not getting it from the basic functionality of it. lol

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You know what, going to insert this into my forum. That's the only way I'll ever know what it's really about. Experience is sure exciting. :thumbup:

Thank you Simon for all your kind information.

Hehe thats true! :)

You got a link to your forum somewhere?

Good Luck!

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