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Little secrets to save our Earth...

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In this thread you find out how many(really many) things you can do to save the planet and we also encourage you to write your ideas,little secrets of how to save energy/recycle etc So,let's get th

-Use public transport every time possible -change your lightbulbs to energy saving lightbulbs

This is a great idea to a thread! - Eat local produced food. - Eat organic food. - Eat less meat. And when you eat try to eat meat from chickens or pigs. - Don't take long and hot showers. - D

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Those are the main things we would like to achieve,but basically can't.

People are now so depended on all those things they buy.

So what we should actually propose,is to stop buying so much,stop driving so much.We can reduce our needs and slowly have results.I hopt all of us do it,we recommend it all the time but you can never tell that every person of the forum does it.

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From Green Consumer: In the Store

In the Store

It’s all about quality

Don’t waste your money on products that has a low life-span. Spend your money wisely and buy products with a good quality that last longer, can be repaired and upgraded. Sure it may cost more in the short run but in the long run you will earn from it.

Buy organic and/or fair-trade

Today you can easily find organic and fair trade food that can replace your “ordinary” coffee, milk, meat, cheese etc. If your local stores don’t have anything, ask them why. Ask them every time you shop in the store. Don’t take a “no” for an answer. You are the consumer and they need you to run their business.

Support your local community

Buy products that have been produced in your city or nearby. That way the products haven’t been transported over long distances and you will support your local community. It’s a win-win situation.

Less meat

Buy less meat and try to replace it with vegetables that are grown after your local seasons. If you can’t stop your “meat love”, try to buy more chicken and pig meat instead of beef. The best option of them all is to become a vegetarian.

Refill it!

Avoid products that are wrapped in un-necessary packages. Choose refill products that are smaller and uses less packaging.

Say no to water

Say no to the extremely idiotic bottled water. It’s just stupidity to buy water on bottle instead of using water, with the same (and in some cases better) quality, from the marvellous invention called water tap.


Think before you buy something. Ask yourself if you really need this new thing? And if the answer is yes ask yourself if you can’t find it in a second-hand store or on similar places?

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I like using products that directly impact my dependence on the 'grid' - so things like reware bags, handheld wind turbines etc. I am also getting more and more into greening my home - mainly because in some cases it saves energy costs and in others it is cool to think that it has less impact and I think that they will hold their value when it comes time to move. Blog post about reware and others -

http://sattlerclothing.com/blog/2007/10 ... d-charger/

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A little secret from me-stop addressing earth as it needs to be saved, and is ours as a belonging, and start accepting the changes for what they are, rather than see them as life threatening to our species.

Earth doesn't need saving, we do.

You are so right Trulyana, we do need saving. The earth is here only to sustain. Another web site, there have been so many good ones on this tread, is www.weaddup.com Check it out.

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In this thread you find out how many(really many) things you can do to save the planet and we also encourage you to write your ideas,little secrets of how to save energy/recycle etc

So,let's get this started! <!-- s:D --><!-- s:D -->


-Find out where the closest recycle bins to your house are,and fix your schedules in order to visit them on regular basis

-Use different bags to throw your recyclable garbage and place them near the usual bin,in order to avoid the temptation of throwing them in it. <!-- s:wink: --><!-- s:wink: -->

-Even the smallest pieces of paper should be recycled,so have a bag for paper near your desk all the time


-Never plant plants during hot seasons,they need more water in order to grow roots.

-If you live in a dry country remember that a layer of leaves on the ground keeps it more wet,so less water is needed.

-Choose plants that need small amounts of water to live..cactuses and other plants are also very attractive!

-Water the plants at very early or late hours,to prevent water evaporation

Waiting for your ideas!!Don't hesitate,we need to know!! <!-- s:thumbup: --><!-- s:thumbup: -->

a couple of cost saving/green tips:

-don't buy bottled water, such a waste - use a water pitcher and fill your own plastic bottle - you'll save money and the planet

-stop using cleaning products you buy in the store, they harm our palnet and families with toxins and fill our land-fills with tons of toxic plastics. try these great products, they are safe and great for the environment too!


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Nice tips, green guy!

( I say that our bottle you mentioned is made of glass ;) )

-Never leave electric devices on a stand-by status

-Use fans and seiling fans, not airconditions

-Get informed about the recycling system of your area

-Inform your friends/neighbours about recycling, energy saving!!

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If you use a car it should be better to full up your tires cause they have little contact with the road.That means less energy-less gas!!!

It should be better for the enviroment to use high rpm's (4000-6000) cause with high rpm's the engine needs less gas to move the car. (Don't kill yourself though)

Better to use a basket for your car wash... Fill at least 5 times the basket,it's enough... saves a lot of water than using the waterpump!!!

That's for a start!!!Any desagrees or more opinions are welcomed!!! <!-- s:thumbup: --><!-- s:thumbup: -->

I'm glad I found this post. I like these ideas. :crazyhappy:

One thing daim, High RPMS can waste lots of gas if the car isn't moving as fast. Fast is not necessarily good either, the faster you're going the more energy is being wasted to fight against drag (air friction). The best way to gauge it is to check your RPMs vs speed. I find my vehicle does best near 80-90 kph. at this speed my car is in its top gear (no overdrive) but doing only 1800-1900 RPMs. You'll notice that as you rev to change gears, your RPMs will always overshoot this optimal RPM. As I increase RPMs above this rate to go faster than 90 kph I gain way less speed so I try to drive near this optimal speed whenever possible and legal. :thoughtful:

Try this to help cool item to reduce energy use by your cars. :thumbup:

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Live in small homes, and boycott McMansions. ;) Large homes use more fuel to heat and cool and are made with more materials in general. Smaller homes use less material to build, embody less energy, are more efficiently cooled and heated, and the you'll be able to afford better quality construction and materials adding to the durability and lifespan of the structure (ultimately keeping it out of a landfill for longer.

www.thinkdwell.com/blog has lots of specifics. I love this thread- it's great to see it continued for some time!

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We have put together a free home checklist at http://www.greenbizcheck.com/files/home-checklist.pdf according to a CSIRO report households can save at least a thousand dollars by adopting very simple measures. Our checklist covers most areas - please feel free to add anything we have forgotten and email us at info@greenbizcheck.com

Thanks and all the best.


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- Don't leave your cell phone charger plugged in after you have charged your phone

- Adjust the cistern of your toilet to allow less water in - the amount regular cisterns allow is way more than what is needed

- Learn a bit about through-drafts and cut down on using aircon and fans by a little strategic window and door opening

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