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Your Favorite "Green" Country

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My TV is stationed on one channel only, everyday. It is a channel that mainly talks about Korea. I'm not Korean but I love this Country.

I love the fact that they preserve areas with good scenery instead of converting them into urbanized cities. I like the fact they keep promoting eco-friendly alternatives to their people and around the world. They use solar panels on street signs, they promote wind & solar energy as an alternative.

So for me, Korea is my favorite "green" advocate country. :) Do you have any favorite?

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I am not sure which country I think is the greenest. Because I don't really think any country at the moment can be called a "green leader". In Europe, Sweden used to be a country that promoted sustainability and green policies. But those days are gone. Now my home country has a dirty climate wrecking track record, the government is bad for the environment and has even won a greenwash award. When it comes to EU's (weak) climate targets, well, Sweden will reach those targets 195 years too late. And for the first time in several years, Sweden's CO2 emissions increased by 11% during 2010.

Then again, there are many beautiful countries, such as Korea, that seem to value their surrounding nature and environment. If we just go by "looks" I do agree that New Zealand lands on one of the top 10 positions.

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There are Korean Telenovelas here and we could really see that there are still lots of beautiful spots there that are abundant with trees an clean surroundings. And so I could say that Korea is one of my favorite green country too.

And I also like new Zealand as it was used in the movie Lord of the Rings.

I used to appreciate New Zealand but then... This is a country with huge number of poultry right? You know, meat products. I remember in one article than methane gas is 10x potent than carbon dioxide, animals, like cows, emit (if thats the correct term) methane gas.

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Well, then I guess they have a false representation of their country through their soapies! If I had to compare between my adopted country and my home country, I must say that Cape Town is a lot fresher than back home. I'm blessed to be close to the sea and the mountains. Furthermore, where I live, there is always a "Safe the Environment" campaign every other weekend.

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