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Lovers of green living are termed stupid in backward regions


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This is because of lack of environmental awareness. Green awakening has yet to reach in backward regions of Asia and Africa. Majority of people think living green is a luxury. Only rich and effluent can afford to follow a green lifestyle. If a person from middle or lower class talk about going green he is taken as day dreamer. He is called an idealist person living away from the realities of life. 

It is widely believed in such countries that going green requires a lot of money. They have to alter their way of living by replacing all the items of daily use. They will not be able to travel in a bus. They will not be allowed to eat meat. They will always be require to keep planting trees. In short going green is a stupid idea in most of such countries

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This is sad to hear, but not really that of a surprise to be honest. I recognize many of these ideas, that going green is stupid and so on, from here in the developed world as well. It's not uncommon to hear comments about filthy hippies, that eating organic is only an option for rich people, or that renewable energy is just a dream. I'd say it doesn't matter where in the world you are, this ignorance and lack of knowledge exist everywhere and the only way to combat it is through education. We must continue to spread awareness about our environment and climate, and how we affect the planet's ecosystems and how it in turn affect us all.

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