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Coffee addicts new healthy Blend


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There is a new healthier Coffee blend spreading here in Indonesia It comes from the waste product of making grape juice or wine.

The left over product is the Grape skins and seeds which are dried and roasted then mixed with a Arabica bean blend or left coffee free and is brewed as a 100% Grape Coffee drink which tastes like coffee without caffeine and includes the antioxidant high dose from the grapes.

Also popular are blends that are healthy are Clove and Cinnamon blends of coffee which are a great healthy boost to your body anyone that is interested can contact me to ask questions about the blends available.

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That was nice alternative for common coffee.

I am just aware of corn coffee since it was available here and I sometimes consume it. That grape coffee sounds good tasting and healthy as my impression of grapes is like that. T

There are also now coffee that have additional vitamins and minerals on it.

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That honestly sounds pretty awesome! However the process and ingredients is sort of a turn off. (Yuck!) Plus, who doesn't like caffeine in their coffees in the morning?

Anyways, awesome Idea and I hope it ends up getting big!

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Like! Like! Like! Only if this will be available in other countries too. :( But I think manufacturing companies should start studies involving in creating new coffee blends that have this type of benefits. Drinking coffee moderately btw, can help lessen the risk of cardiac related problems.

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Hmmm I don't know about this. It wouldn't be the same - for me. However, I'm sure many others would certainly try this alternative to real coffee. Remember, everything has to be taken in moderation, it's when you go overboard that it becomes unhealthy.

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I would have to say I cannot break the addiction I have from coffee. This is something which I need each morning to wake up. So until they find something like that I will continue to drink the coffee, because grapes just do not appeal to me that much.

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