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Shitty Coffee but sooooo Good

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A luwak is an animal called a palm civet, native to Java and Sumatra where I'm living at the moment. The cat-like creature partly resembles a monkey and has a brown coat and a white belly. It climbs into the branches of the coffee trees and selects ripened beans. After the undigested beans pass through the animal :huh: they possess a unique flavour when brewed. The intestinal juices of the Luwak partly ferment and marinate the beans. When a Javanese person tells you their coffee tastes like ass, they are not kidding. :o

I know there are other coffees around the world that reach high prices due to their uniqueness and quality like Kenyan or Kona coffee from Hawaii. Kopi Luwak is actually rarer than any of these others because of the small amounts that can be produced. Zultani Ade, who is the head of marketing for the Indonesian Coffee Exporters Association says that only 1,000kgs a year are produced.

If you would like to get hold of a bag of the pure stuff read on.... its said to have a deep, nutty taste with a great aroma. There is a company in Holland named Gadget House that sells 57 gram packets of pure Kopi Luwak for around 40 Euros mmm a little rich over there.

Not everyone believes :unsure: the story of Kopi Luwak though and many foreign companies call the Indonesian Coffee Exporters Association to ask if there is actually such a coffee and is there a supply of it. Most of the pure Kopi Luwak is sold overseas and is not readily available in Indonesia, of course maybe my wife's relatives have a connection here so we get it straight from the coffee farms, if you love your coffee or want to try some contact...... ECOlurve.com.

The Indonesian Tourist Board suggests that ‘the secret of this delicious blend of coffee is usually explained only after the guest has drained his mug. :rolleyes: ’ Yes, I am sure there is a little clue as to where it came from.

Maybe I can start swallowing coffee beans and try selling the results for 40 Euros a packet. :lol:

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Well yes you are right Miss Zaraina, :)

Its very expensive everywhere except Sumatra and Places where you can get it straight from the source.

But coffee is a popular and good for you to drink not to much tho. :)

Blending juices are more beneficial for your health, this mornings breakfast was a blender mix of mangoes,goji berries,almonds,cocoa nibs,Aloe Vera and Palm Syrup. :wub:

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I bought some Kopi Luwak for my dad on Father's Day as a bit of a joke present (he's something of a coffee fiend) and when we tried it, I was surprised!

I thought it was going to taste of well.. crap. But how wrong was I! Very delicate tasting, as if some of the coffee flavour has been sucked out by the civet's digestive system.

My dad loved it, and so did I.

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