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About this blog

Decorating house interiors has been a top priority for home owners and designers alike for as long as anyone can remember. People always prefer to make their house interiors look more beautiful and attractive than anyone else’ in their social circle. This modern preference by people has given rise to numerous unique decoration ideas that involve many different materials and decorative pieces. However, mirrors have been a heat beat of elegantly designed interiors for centuries and with the modern design innovations with mirror frames and their own designs, has propelled them greatly when it comes to make an interior space look great.

Mirrors now come in the widest variety of shapes, sizes and dimensions. People are at liberty when choosing mirrors for their own personal interiors. Here are a few outstanding ideas to help you bring out the best designs in your home using the most unique mirrors:

Add a Large Mirror behind a Small Cabinet to Expand the View

Mirrors are not all about dressing up in front of them, they are also perfect for wall decorations. A great implementation especially in a smaller spaced living or bedroom is to use a large wall mirror just above a smaller sizes cabinet. You can even go beyond the size of the small cabinet and place large decorative objects like lamps, vases or even plants on the cabinet surface to provide an elegant view in the mirror.

Not only will this look great but will also expand the view a great deal for anyone standing on any side of the wall or even in front of it. The lamp placed on the cabinet will reflect light efficiently as well to widen up the feel of the room as well.

Create Causality by Leaning a Mirror against the Wall

If you prefer a casual design in your living room or the bedroom, a great idea is to get a large stand less framed mirror and stand in on the floor by leaning it slightly onto the main wall in the room. The angle created by leaning the mirror will also be perfect for dressing up while looking into the mirror as well where required or you can place some really elegant decoration pieces in front of it on small tables to make things look much more interesting.

Make sure to light up the room adequately for the reflection to mean something and place natural floral vases in front of the mirror for an added natural look. When looking to bring out the best designs in your home using the most unique mirrors, this idea appeals a great deal.

Group Several Mirrors Together in a Unique Futuristic and Modern Way

You don’t have to use a singular large mirror all the time on bigger walls, the option of using several smaller mirrors designed in an attractive design theme that looks unique and futuristic is always a good one. Get 3D shaped and cut frameless mirrors with similar design patterns on them and glow a light led light behind them to make them look all that more interesting.

Not only this modern idea will make your wall look unique and elegant but it will also make everyone talk about your design sense for the longest time possible. Amaze your audience or guests using such creative ideas of your own as well. Great quality glass retailers like Fab glass and mirrors offer all kinds of frameless or framed futuristic mirrors, select the ones that you think will look best in you setting.

Use a Wide Wall Mirror in the Bathroom to Make It Look Bigger

If you have a small bathroom, this idea works even better. Get a frameless wide mirror that resembles the design of the cabinet placed under it. This design resemblance will bring uniformity to the design and the wide setting of the mirror will give the illusion of a much wider bathroom than it actually may be. Make sure to shine a light directly into the mirror for an even brighter and expanded field of view.

For smaller spaced bathroom, even though the available space might be limited, even the illusion of a bigger and wider one can do the trick and last a lasting impression. When looking to bring out the best designs in your home using the most unique mirrors, this idea can work wonders for a smaller cramped bathroom.

Make a Cohesive Bathroom Design Mirror Statement

A cohesive, unified and uniform bathroom design is always welcome and pleases the eye regardless of who is looking at it. A unique and singular design theme could be followed for the entire bathroom including the main wall mirror, the cabinet design and finish can be matched with the frame of the mirror and the design shape of both of them and everything around them can be maintained to be a singular design theme.

This will bring unmatched elegance along with a refreshing uniform design language for the entire bathroom space. Make sure to use dim lighting across the bathroom except the mirror space for it to become the focal point of the whole design.

Hang Pendant Lamps in the Bathroom near a Frameless Wall Mirror

Shining lights from the ceiling can work great but an even better idea is to hang pendent lights down from the ceilings and to about half the length of the mirror. You will need a large mirror attached on the main wall for this as well. The bright reflection of the pendent lights will look natural and quite unique indeed.

Additional to providing a great looking design for the bathroom space, this implementation of the pendent lights along with a large mirror in the bathroom will reflect light in all direction of the bathroom, making that particular light quite enough for the entire space. You can use any other light sources if you must but if you have chosen bright enough pendent lights, this implementation can just be sufficient enough without requiring any additional lighting.

Large Framed Mirrors for the Hallway

Mirrors in a hallway, always sounds and looks great right! The beauty with large framed mirrors in hallways is that they provide more than one usage at the same time. Anyone entering or leaving the house will be able to have a look at themselves and the large mirrors will look great on the large walls of the hallways as well.

Additionally, the mirrors will reflect natural daylight coming in from the windows or doors in all directions bringing the fresh day feel right into the house and also making the space look much bigger than it actually is. Use tall large mirrors placed on the floor and leant against the wall for a great look and feel or alternatively you can use extra wide wall mirrors that are attached on the walls providing on some portion of the reflection for a person standing in front of them.

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