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About this blog

Have you experienced pain in your neck, or perhaps weakness or tingling? Cervical pain has been documented in many individuals. Treatment for cervical pain regarding surgery has come a long way, and many times surgery isn't as invasive as you would think. The down time as well isn't what it used to be. Cervical pain can be a frustrating issue for many, leaving you with a quality of life that’s not really what you would hope to happen. It can make daily tasks a struggle, and at the end of the day, pharmaceuticals would be the go to, to even get some sleep. A general practitioner is not going to be able to correct the issues with cervical pain; they can only mask the symptoms you are experiencing. If you are tired of only trying to sedate the symptoms and are looking for permanent relief from cervical pain, the Beverly Hills Spine Surgery group can help.

Many different issues could cause cervical pain, whether it is an aggravated injury, a degenerative disease or possibly a growing tumor compressing nerves. Each patient case is uniquely different. The spine specialist at Beverly Hills spine surgery knows that the goal of eliminating cervical pain is identifying the cause and what procedure would work best for that particular case. There are many methods available now to limit the amount of downtime you would usually experience and having a trained spinal specialist to correct your issues is your number one priority. At Beverly Hills Spine Surgery we understand that cervical surgery is somewhat a scary thought, but we have the years of experience behind us to deal with even the most severe cases. We know that the degrees of pain associated with your spine can be debilitating and leave you feeling less than satisfied. It is often these feelings of constant cervical pain that will lead you to find a qualified surgeon that can not only access accurately but also alleviate the constant pain you are experiencing. The struggle to find a qualified specialist for cervical pain can be overwhelming, but Beverly Hills spine surgery is here to listen, and ultimately correct the pain you have been dealing. We have six specialized surgeons available to hear to your needs, along with a highly trained staff to coordinate scheduling and procedures. You are not alone in your search for cervical pain relief, visit us on our website for more information.



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