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About this blog

Greece is one of the most charming and, in some ways, exotic countries. I heard a lot about Greece and its best resorts, but I had never been there. So my friends and I decided to discover the beauty of Greece together. We thought that visiting Greece in summer was the best idea as we could have some rest on the beach. Given the fact that Greece is a popular tourist destination in summer, we booked hotels long before the trip. We created a road trip map through http://well-way.com service using the roads that would be suitable for a car as we were planning to go to Greece by car. If you get to Greece by plane, you can easily rent a car right at the airport.

Athens. We could not miss a chance to visit Athens – the capital of Greece. We visited the Acropolis, which was very impressive. Unfortunately, at the time we were there, some restoration works were carried out, and we could not take good pictures. To tell the truth, it is not possible to see the original monument anymore because it is a bit different after the restoration. Temple of Olympian Zeus is another must see place. It is probably one of the oldest monuments in Athens.

National Garden of Athens is the best place, if you want to get some rest from a busy and noisy city. Most tourists believe that this garden is unofficial national treasure of Athens. Basically, it is a huge park with various trees and shrubs. What is more, the garden has its own little zoo, and if you get hungry, there is a small and cozy café where you can have a snack.

Mykonos. Our next stop was at the beautiful Greek island –Mykonos. The island is well-known place because of its golden beaches and spectacular villages. As a matter of fact, it is the second most popular tourist destination in the country.

Mykonos beaches are a real seaside paradise. We spent 4 days at Paradise beach, which is preferred mostly by younger people. There are a lot of bars and cafes along the coastline. At night this place turns into a huge night club with people dancing to load music.

D:\Николаева\1234\1\Ира\well way\Stock_000012421331Small.jpg

Clear waters of Mykonos island

From Mykonos island we took a boat trip to Santorini. Only on Santorini you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in Emporio village located right in the heart of the island. The village will amaze you with its beautiful narrow streets and steeples churches. The houses here are tiny but very cozy. The local cuisine is something incredible. I am a huge fan of seafood and exotic dishes, and Mediterranean food of Santorini was a real blessing for me. As were told chefs of most Santorini restaurants preferred to cook their specialties using only local products of good quality. Probably this is the secret of a delicious taste of local cuisine.

Greek cuisine. Traditional ingredients of Greek cuisine include olive oil, vegetables, lemon juice, herbs, grains and bread, and, of course, fish and wine. If one day you decide to go to Greece, keep in mind to try delicious Moussaka dish, which is basically sautéed aubergine with meat, tomatoes, garlic, spices and béchamel sauce. Greek sweets usually include honey, oil and flaky pastry. Such unusual combination makes deserts incredibly tasty.

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