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About this blog

A little bit of greenery can bring about a lot of positiveness in the inhabitants of a place. The sight of lush green grass can brighten and freshen up the minds, but at the same time if people are told to maintain the grass so that it continues to look green and beautiful, the sight of the same grass that gave them positivity can turn them grumpy. This is because everyone wants to have a beautiful place and live in a beautiful surrounding without having to maintain it.

The best solution to this problem is to install konstgräsmatta which requires negligible maintenance, yet gives the feel and look of real grass. Synthetic grass has long been used in soccer fields and golf courses, but why limit them to outdoor surroundings? Imagination and creativity has no bounds when it comes to making use of artificial grass for interior decoration. Use the mats made of synthetic grass in place of regular rugs, dining mats and as table mats. Walls made of synthetic grass is also a superb option. Interior designers and architects all seem to be fond of using artificial grass as this product can be installed on almost all kinds of surfaces and flooring.

The use of artificial grass under flower pots, can be a unique way of displaying creativity and astonish visitors as they see beautiful flowers “growing” out of lush green grass! Today artificial grass can be used anywhere and everywhere, without the fear of maintaining them, watering them and trimming them. Konstgräsmatta has made its way from outdoor environments like playgrounds to the interiors of homes and offices, due to its resilience and beauty, as well as its versatility.

Another innovative product that can be used for the decoration of the interiors of an establishment is eco tapeter. This product is made from natural substances like flowers, seeds, leaves, blooms and spices, thereby bringing homes, restaurants and offices, closer to Mother Nature. Made from organoids, these decorative wallpaper coatings emit a natural scent to the surroundings, which adds a mystical beauty to a place. One can find both the products- artificial turf and eco tapeter at Nordic Surface, which appears to be one of the leading suppliers of alternative surfacing solutions that are eco-friendly, in Sweden.

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