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If you're a fan of high heels in Medias will find many models boots with high heels.  The design is different: sharp front parts of the platform: high boots with built platform: With these boots cannot go unnoticed :) This kind of boots are appropriate and in addition to an evening dress. Their length varies above and below the knee depending on the model. Made of leather and suede. Boots into the knee high boots with trapezoidal current: This kind of boots are very elegant and also practical and suitable for daily: In the online shop Medias there are various models of boots of this type. high boots with a rectangular current: In this season are fashionable thick heels and Medias have interesting models of boots below the knee with a rectangular current and buckle at the top, with you regulate the width of the boot, with thick soles: This kind of boots are very suitable for cold weather and snow, because the sole Their thick, protects legs: Look these two interesting pattern boots with thick rectangular current, which in its lower mimic the boot: Average high boots: If you are fans of high heels or just want comfortable boots for everyday Medias has great models average high boots with trapezoidal current: with trapezoidal sloped current: Boots on a flat platform: 3/4 bluchers If you that your feet will feel most comfortable on a flat soles or low heels, the new collection of Medias has great models bluchers: The length is up to mid-calf design - diverse: clean or variance, cabs, buckles, etc. etc. You can choose among: 3/4 boots flat sole: 3/4 boots with low sloped current: 3/4 boots with a square Current: 3/4 boots with square low-heeled: All look very comfortable. Especially suitable for ladies whose life is associated with more walking. Short boots over the ankle: new collection Medias will find many models of short boots above the ankle in different colors and different styles with different heel height: Check out this interesting pattern boots that can be worn as a short and long: Boots over the knee long, over the knee boots are very fashionable this season. Medias offers interesting models long boots over the knee, heel height varies depending on the model. Boots over the knee with a flat sole: Interesting are those long boots made of imitation leather reptile with foursquare current: Specifically for this model design is made so that the curl of the knee is free, which facilitates the movement of the legs. The materials, It is made boots Medias are: Leather, Suede, PU and varnish: Particularly attractive are those imitations of leather reptilian: The colors are: classic black and white, modern season brown and even red, dark blue and others. In online store Medias you can find a suitable bag for your new boots: The shop offers bags complete with boots or separately: The bags are in various colors, style and shape are also very diverse: They are made of different materials: leather, suede, imitations of leather, reptile etc. In the online shop has interesting patterns bags patchwork of several colors that can be combined with various boots, boots and shoes: The variety of models ladies boots and handbags in the new collection of Medias is so great that practically I cannot show you everything I liked. Visit the store and see for yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful models and attractive prices. for more details please visit our official website  TheFashionLeather.Com



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