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About this blog

It was said that pets are a man’s best friend because they will provide you companionship, loyalty and unconditional love. Pets are also good listeners, they know if you are sad, feeling down and you have a problem. When you are sad they will sit by your side, stare at you and wait for you to bring up and share them your feelings.

Security-Dog-Training-350x250.jpg (350×250)

Even if they can’t talk your language their presence will boost up your mood and they will make you feel good. Yes owning a pet can improve your health but aside from that what are advantages and benefits you can get when you own a pet.

They will make you and your child responsible

Owning a pet can increase a person’s sense of caring and responsibility. When a child has a pet it improves their leadership skills and owning one creates a feeling of empathy towards other people and animal. Having a pet can also improve your child’s fitness level that makes them more active and energetic. It can also improve their management skills for them to instantly finish their chores and assignments on time. A child loves animals and it was said in a survey that a child that was raised with a pet was believed to be happier, caring and intelligent compared to other children without pets.

They can protect you from burglars and criminals

Owning a pet can also give you benefits when it comes to safety and personal security. Why is it essential to have a pet in your house than not to have one? Having a pet esp. dog in your home can increase your security because criminals are far more likely to avoid houses with a dog. They will scare the burglars and discourage them in attempting on invading their victims house and stop in harming their family. These dogs are very intelligent esp. the trained ones. They are always alert and whenever they notice suspicious people and intruders they will be ready to protect their family, they will create noise to wake their owners and to scare the criminals.


They will make you a good person

When you have a pet in your home they will make you a better person. They will improve your perception in life and treatment towards other living creature. Owning a pet means that you are responsible for another being. When you own a pet they will provide you everything you could ask for them and by that you are obliged to care for them, meet their needs and love them. You will notice in this process that they are not your whole life but they will make your life whole and they will transform you into becoming a better person.

If you want to own a pet but it’s not allowed in you apartment, you can get an approval letter here: Register emotional support animal

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