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About this blog

When buy new carpets or a new mattress we often do not think of the harmful chemicals that these new items may have. Over time these chemicals can dissipate, but while you wait you and your family can suffer. Hospitals have long been using germicidal UV air purifiers to combat the spread of airborne pathogens. Now, there are reliable UV Air Purifiers that are suitable for use in homes, schools and businesses. The difference between these UV light air purifiers and the dubious ones on the market, is that they force a long exposure of the pathogens in the air to powerful UV light, effectively inactivating them.

This has been proven in lab test to be so effective in cleaning the air we breate that over 99% of harmful germs, bacteria, viruses and VOC's that the FDA has cleared it as a Class 2 medical device.

We use a RXAIR Air purifier to remove VOCs and airborne pathogens in our house. RXAIR is one of the few if not the only air purifiers on the market that has been independently tested by an FDA and EPA certified lab to back its claims that it not only cleans the air, but sanitizes it. RXAIR reduces the concentrations of VOC's, odors, and other indoor air pollutants in homes, nurseries, schools, work environments and meeting places. RXAIR is the trusted choice of hundreds of hospitals.

Additionally RxAir delivers stellar performance to keep the operation as trouble and worry free as possible. This also reduces the noise that the unit creates allowing it to run through the night and not interfere with a good night's rest. The unit uses a system of baffles to slow the airflow and create turbulence. The UV light (UVC) does the dirty work of removing those nasty air pollutants linked to sleep disorders and other health issues. Each time air recirculates, more pathogens are destroyed. RXAIR can circulate and clean the air up to 6 times per hour and is great for large rooms, bedrooms, and spaces upwards of 800 sq. ft. For more informations visit: http://www.rxair.com/


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