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About this blog

If you are the field of construction and you have a relevant undergraduate degree, you might want to obtain a Masters of Construction Management degree. There are several schools offering Masters of Construction Management programs but not many of them may be able to give you the value that you need and the quality of education that you want. In other words then, you have to be careful when making a decision with regards to which school you should enrol in.

Fortunately, New School of Architecture and Design understands that you want to invest your money on good education and they would like to help you get started on your journey by providing you the following tips on how to get your Masters of Construction Management. Mainly these tips are questions that you need to answer in order to clarify if a graduate degree in the field is the perfect match for you.


⦁ First things, first. Ask yourself: How important is the degree for you? You can answer this question by honestly reflecting on your career goals. If you want to become a site engineer, a building control surveyor or building services engineer or even a facilities manager, then a graduate degree in the field would prove significant. The concepts that you will learn within the classroom will help you apply your skills in the actual work setting.

⦁ Second, do you like being detailed, organized and precise in anything that you carry out? If your answer to this is yes, then you will enjoy being in the field of construction management. You see contractors and other prospective employers prefer hiring people who have eye for details, who have the capacity to maintain structure and organization in terms of duties and responsibilities and who promote accuracy in everything. Why? Because if you work in the construction industry, you have to be involved in all of your projects — from the conceptualization process to opening your completed project to the public. Furthermore, you need the aforementioned characteristics because you may not do the actual manual work but you will be in the area to supervise hence it is essential that you are knowledgeable in all aspects of your field.

⦁ Third, were you born a leader? Construction management entails a leadership role and if you have the characteristics of a well-rounded and good leader, you will enjoy this type of graduate degree as well as the job placement it offers for its graduates.

⦁ Fourth, is financial stability one of your top priorities? If so, then a Masters in Construction Management would be a great option for career advancement. In 2013 alone, the median salary of a construction manager was 84,410 dollars. With the changing economic times, this median salary can give the construction manager enough lee way to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and at the same time save up some money for the rainy days. In addition, the highest paid construction managers can reach up to 146, 340 dollars, which can help the person put away something for them to enjoy when they retire!

⦁ Fifth, have you had experience being an apprentice in a construction related job such as international project management, construction operations and even cost-analysis? Did you savour your experience? If you answer yes to these two questions then there is a chance that a Masters Degree in Construction Management would fit you and your preferences really well!

⦁ And last but not the least, can you deal with stress and manage it effectively? If you have the capacity to not let stress ruin your health, then go for construction management. The demands of the field can be overwhelming but if you have the coping resources — both personal and social, and you do not get sick due to being stressed out, you will go through all of the said demands without too much problem. Sure, it would not be a breeze but your coping resources will help you get through stressful times.

So there you have it — the six questions aka tips that can help you know if you are ripe and ready for enrolling in a Masters of Construction Management program.

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