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Major public events call for big venues, and these are becoming increasingly rare and costly to find in the modern world dominated by a passion for entertainment. A convenient solution for contemporary mobile venues, cargo containers offer affordable, portable and widely available units that can be used for a variety of purposes, from drag-and-drop venues, ticketing outlets and kiosks to art and exhibition displays, company promotion spots and merchandise outlets.

Eco-friendly and durable: Sustainability in the long-run

Due to their prefabricated nature, shipping containers require minimal processing and entail a modest waste footprint, so they are also a highly environmentally friendly choice for a portable event venue. As most cargo containers are made from sturdy steel panels, they can stand all sorts of weather conditions and transportation handling, which makes them not only functional and mobile, but also extremely durable in the long-run.



Anytime, anywhere: Extreme portability of container venues

Thanks to their mobile nature, cargo containers can be easily transported to any event destination, so they’re perfectly suited for use as drag-and-drop venues. Owing to their flexibility and portability, cargo containers are an equally good solution for events traveling the country or lasting several days in a row, but they can also be used for major one-day events that attract large crowds of attendees.

A kiosk to go – or sit still: Cargo containers as on-site sale points

The best way to maximize sales profits while keeping the costs at bay is to use a sustainable unit as a mobile or fixed vending stall. An object of affection for all lovers of retro designs, kiosks made from shipping containers can be placed almost anywhere you need them, from major event venues and tourist sites to sports arena and concert hall entrances, and due to their rugged, weather-resistant nature, they also promise long-term functionality. In addition to that, these sales units allow you to demonstrate your creativity and design the venue on your own, which is one more reason to give them a serious thought in event management and related event organization activities.

One for the road: Container-based cafes and pop-up bars

For refreshments on the fly, try using shipping containers as mobile cafés and pop-up bars. Depending on your vending needs, you can use cargo containers of various dimensions (10, 20 and 40 feet) to create a portable refreshment spot. Converting a prefabricated container into a pop-up bar is not a demanding task and it requires just a few tools, a can or two of paint, some furnishing pieces and a dash of DIY eagerness. For roomier site-fixed facilities, you can combine several upcycled units and form a container-based café with either an open-sided structure with retractable awnings or partially open bar design – plus, you also get to do the interior décor number after your personal stylistic preferences.


Traveling merchandise outlets: Sales and discounts on the go

For even more versatility, cargo containers can also be repurposed to serve as portable merchandise outlets and small-scope retail shops for a wide range of products. From clothing, sports equipment and tools to fresh food, drinks and cigarettes, a creatively decorated container store can sell any goods you can come up with. If transformed into an open-sided retail store and outfitted with a shade sail or awning, a container-based sales venue can serve as a mini grocery store, while a container store on wheels can come in handy when touring the area selling souvenirs, handmade products and even antiques.

From kiosks and merchandise stalls to retail stores and pop-up bars, room for cargo container repurposing springs endless. With a modest budget, some DIY skills and necessary tools and materials, you can easily convert one of these mobile units into an event facility for just about any function and purpose you need, so keep an eye out on container-based venues in the time to come – these cool units definitely are a venue for the future.


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