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About this blog


Headaches are some of the most painful, yet common ailments we face as humans. There are many different types of problems, with various causes, but one of the most important links to maintain is that between headaches, and sinuses.



Your sinuses are important parts of your body, even if many people do not pay much attention to them. Sinuses are primarily a small cavity within the bones of your face, connecting your nasal passages. Yours have several different sinuses, including:

 - Maxillary sinuses in your cheekbones

 - Frontal sinuses in your forehead

 - Ethmoid sinuses between your eyes

 - Sphenoid sinuses behind your nose


These sinuses are responsible for helping us breathe, filtering out dirt and debris from the air, and creating a mucus later than helps humidify the air we breathe and keep our passages hydrated.



One of the first ways that sinuses and headaches are linked is one that may be unexpected – allergies. Allergies are common amongst many people, especially during the changing of the seasons, specifically spring and fall. During these times, more pollen is in the air, which leads to more allergies. Sniffling noses, coughing, and teary eyes are hallmark signs of seasonal allergies. However, these allergies can also lead to sinus infections and headaches. The regular untreated seasonal allergy can lead to sinus infections, which can lead to sinus problems, which we will talk about later. They can also play a part in barometric pressure headaches, which we will also discuss later.


Sinus Headaches

Sinus problems are rooted in sinus infections and can be extremely painful, and very difficult to treat without the prescription of antibiotics from a doctor. A sinus infection is inflammation and swelling of the tissue that lines your sinuses, which can lead to sinus blockage. This virus then causes a headache that focuses in on the middle of your face, near your nose and nasal passages. Many people confuse sinus headaches and migraines with each other, but they are two various types of a head pain, and have many different symptoms.


Barometric Pressure Headaches

Another common type of a headache that is linked directly to your sinuses is the barometric pressure headache. Barometric pressure and headaches symptoms can wreck havoc on your head. When the barometric pressure of the environment drops, say during a storm, the pressure within your sinuses has to compensate somehow to avoid worse damage. The compensation leads to a severe headache, which can worsen the longer that you expose yourself to the drop in barometric pressure. They will be mild or severe, depending on the person, which then, of course, means that treatment will change depending on the person.


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