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About this blog

Who Is Major Supply?

Major Supply is perhaps one of the largest and most prolific police, fire, and emergency services equipment in the nation. We find the unique, innovative, and useful products that will help make the jobs are the men and women protecting our society easier and safer. If you question our abilities, just ask the New Jersey police how well we have been able to supply their force.


New Jersey Police

The police have trusted Major Supply to give them everything they need to protect the men and women of New Jersey. Major Police Supply fuels NJ Police supply. New Jersey has a community of almost 9 million people, which is expected to continue to grow as the state becomes a central hub of the economy of the north-east of the United States. With this many people, it is important that the police have the tools needed to protect and serve the population safely.


Vehicle Upfitting

The first step is, of course, the vehicle upfitting. As the name implies, this process is upgrading the officers' cars and vehicles, so that they are well-equipped to deal with the dangers and situations that they will inevitably face. Vehicle upfitting requires adding into the vehicle anything that the officer may need, from sirens to radios. Anything that the police needs and any specialized equipment that the state of New Jersey wants its officers to have, they immediately add it to their vehicles for safe usage.



The equipment that is upfitted into the car is not your average everyday tools. These are specially designed to for NJ police supply so that they have everything that they need to protect the people of New Jersey. Each vehicle will need certain equipment, such as prisoner cages, gun racks, light bars, and sirens. Some cars will need more specialized equipment, such as equipment consoles, custom cabinetry, K-9 equipment, and more. Each vehicle is looked at individually and assessed for the best way of adding stuff to the car.



Just as important as NJ police supply for equipment, so too is supplies. When we outfit a vehicle for official police use, most of it is going to last a long time. All of the equipment used is of the highest quality and will last your police force a long time. However, some of the items, such as lights, will need to be replaced. It does not mean an entirely new upfitting, but merely a replacing of bulbs. We offer everything that is required to ensure a safe, long-lasting, and efficient supply and equipment for New Jersey police officers.



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