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If you only have a small patch of cannabis plants in your indoor/outdoor garden, you will probably have some seeds left after each planting. You can ensure these seeds stay viable for the next planting by preserving them in the right conditions.

1.Ensure ideal preservation conditions

Cannabis seeds should ideally be preserved in a cool, dry, dark place. Placing the seeds is high-temperature, high-humidity locations in direct light will cause dormant nutrients to be activated and used up before you’re ready to plant. Recommended humidity levels are between 6-9 percent. Anything above 12 percent and fungal growth may be triggered on the seeds. Alternatively, you may seal them in the original packaging they came in from your cannabis seeds affiliate. Placing the seeds in a cold environment, such as a refrigerator or freezer will decrease rate of degradation and keep them longer. For shorter periods, you can simply store in a cool, dry and dark cupboard space.

2.Choose the correct container

Even if you’re storing the seeds for a short while, it is better to store with the assumption that the seeds should be viable for a longer time to ensure maximum viability. Cannabis seeds should be stored in a vacuum sealed or airtight container. For short-term storage, black film canisters, which are opaque and have good seals are suitable.

For longer-term storage, metal or glass jars are preferable. Do not use plastic, which allows small amounts of water in over time. Refrigerators can be very dry, which is why air-tight containers are preferable. Exceedingly low humidity levels may destroy the seeds’ viability.Properly label the storage container with details on the strain, date of purchase from cannabis seeds affiliate, date of preservation and number of seeds. You can place the label inside the container so it doesn’t fade with time for long-term storage.

3.Use a paper envelope

Try to keep the vacuum-sealed package you bought the seeds in before storing in the container above. If not, place seeds in a paper envelope before storing. The paper will absorb any moisture inside the seeds. You can buy specialized seed envelopes at most garden centres. You can also add some silica gel, silica-based desiccant sachets or a little rice to absorb excess moisture coming into the seeds. If you have the right equipment, you can do your own vacuum-sealing before storage.

4.Check the seeds

Generally, heartier cannabis strains will preserve better than the less hearty strains. Irrespective of lineage, you need to confirm that seeds are not cracked. Remove surface-damaged seeds and plant these immediately. Ensure that seeds are completely dry so that moisture doesn’t leak out to reduce longevity. Begin by buying your seeds with reputable cannabis seeds affiliate programs. You can test for humidity by simply placing the seeds in a sealed container for a few hours. Properly-dried seeds will not have any condensation inside the container. Combine with silica to dry them properly.

5.Store in the refrigerator

Finally, in a cool place, a dark cupboard can suffice to store cannabis seeds for up to three years. The problem with this choice is that temperature fluctuations through the day and year is inevitable, and may compromise your seeds. It is best to store you labelled and sealed containers in a refrigerator, whose temperature remains stable regardless of external conditions.


Bear in mind that rate of germination reduces as the seeds are stored longer. Long-preserved seeds usually take longer to germinate, and some plants may develop weak rooting systems.

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