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About this blog

Private Music lessons provide the opportunity for your child to receive formal teaching for singing or playing a musical instrument. They begin with the basics of reading music, grasping musical concepts, learning to play simple instruments and the basics of vocal development. As your child progresses musically, they will gain problem solving skills and develop both socially and emotionally. Music lessons will help your child develop study habits, providing a sound foundation for their success in academics.

When learning to play an instrument, the child will be instructed on how to sit/stand, how to hold the instrument correctly, positioning of their fingers and how to produce quality sounds from the instrument. Voice lessons cover the right posture, breathing techniques and head/mouth positions for good vocal tone

Music and math are highly interrelated. Children learn beat, rhythm and scales when they are in the music class and that is considered equivalent to creating fractions and recognizing patterns as done in maths. It is also noted that musical instruments introduce children to physics at a very basic level, for example children pluck the strings of the guitar, getting familiar with resonance and vibrations.

Music programs offered by institutions often include private music lessons, where children can learn how to play various instruments such as, piano, guitar and drums. Most programs also offer private lessons for vocal training. Some even offer ‘Musical Theatre’ vocal lessons, where the student explores the world of musical theatre, through learning to play a character while inter-preting music. These programs are designed for all ages and skill levels. Music programs also offer music classes, where there are a group of children, of similar experience, learning the skill and playing songs together. They may even prepare for a concert, where you child can gain con-fidence by playing an instrument or singing in front of a crowd.

Private music lessons are a good place for a beginner to learn the basics, as they can be less stress-ful then a group class. Once your child has established some confidence, a group class will be less intimidating. Signing up for a group class can open the door for your child to meet other children, who share a similar interest. Many children (and adults) find music very relaxing and use it as an outlet to express themselves. Whether it is private lessons or group classes, music can help your child develop in many ways that will benefit them in other aspects of their lives.




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