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Found 3 results

  1. There are lots of reasons that updating your home may be the right move to make right now. You can even have your upgrades decrease the overall energy usage of your home. Energy efficient items have come a long way when it comes to looks and the technology utilized. Doing these upgrades can improve the appearance of your home and save you some money in the process. Change Your Roofing Material If you roof is looking a little ratty around the edges, replace it with a newer version. A metal roof may be the right solution for you. This long lasting type of material is made to withstand the ages. It also makes it easier for the snow to slide off. You could also replace your roof with cool shingles that reflect a large portion of the sun’s rays away from your home. Increase Window Efficiency As windows age they start to lose some of their insulating properties. Look into window repair so that you can improve the energy efficiency and the appearance of your old windows. For older single pane windows, change them out with a two or three pane solution. This will reduce the amount of drafts and noise that enters your home on a daily basis. You have a variety of styles to choose from when it comes to replacing your windows. Replace Worn out Appliances Old appliances tend to waste a lot of energy. You may have noticed that your refrigerator is running almost constantly. Replace it with a more energy efficient model. New appliances also have the perk of being more attractive than your old ones. This could be the first step to getting you started on your minor kitchen remodel. Install New Light Fixtures Changing out the light fixtures in your home can improve the style of any room. Replace those old bulbs with ones that are LED. They consume less energy than the incandescent or fluorescent varieties. Another benefit is that they can last longer so that you won’t have to replace them so often. Even if you have a relatively new home, you may be able to gain some benefit by performing an energy audit. This can give you a jumping off point for any upgrades that may need to be performed around your house. Being more energy conscious doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style. There are lots of energy efficient options that can improve the appearance of your home.
  2. With big renovations come big changes. What better way to change your home after renovating your basement than to go green (or at least greener)? Below are three ingenious ways to have a greener home after renovating your basement, and the best part is they're all extremely affordable. There's no need to go far out of pocket after you've just overhauled a section of your home. Use Green Chemicals When most people think of going green, they think of large scale things. Natural energies such as solar power and cars that run off of cleaner burning fuels are usually at the forefront of 'going green'. However, there are many small things you can do to help green up your home. One of those things is to use green chemicals when you clean your home. They're usually easier on plumbing, definitely better for the environment, and recently there's been a lot of talk that they're substantially healthier for your family. Switch To Eco-Friendly Air Filters Having pure, clean air is important. This is especially true for anyone with pets or children or anyone who lives in the city. But air filters have to be changed often. They create a lot of waste, and a lot of models are made out of plastic, which is hard for the environment to break down once it quits working. While there's no 'perfect' air filter, finding a more eco-friendly air filter is a great idea. Look for one that doesn't need to have its filter changed as often, one that is made out of materials that can break down, or one that doesn't have parts that need to be changed out at all. Ditch The Clutter And Recycle This is duel-ended but well worth the effort. How often have you put boxes away in your attic or basement only to forget about them? You inevitably have to go clean it out, and half the stuff is ruined due to pests, mold, or other unforeseen problems? You end up tossing so much stuff out. Using a storage unit, like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc, to store your stuff ensures that you get to keep your keepsakes safe and help to cut down on the amount of garbage you're throwing out. Similarly, while a lot of areas charge extra for a recycle bin, it's great to have one around. It helps to eliminate trash in landfills and is better for the environment. These are only three of the many things you can do to help make your home a greener one. Choose from any of the tips we listed above, or do some research of your own to help you figure out ways you can be more green.
  3. How to Avoid Remodeling Mistakes When remodeling a home it is easy to make mistakes and delay the finished product as well as cost homeowners more money in order to fix those mistakes. Remodeling mistakes are common, but easily avoidable. A great way to ensure that mistakes will not be made is by creating a solid plan and budget. Homeowners should do their research on products they will need and what their prices are so there are not any surprises along the way. When creating a budget homeowners should also plan for a little leeway just in case. Homeowners should know exactly where their money will be going and which materials are most important before they start the project in order to save money. The only way to start a remodeling project off right is by creating a plan. A detailed plan and budget will definitely prevent mistakes from happening, especially if homeowners do their best to stick to both. Cheap vs. quality materials We are always quick to jump on a deal, especially when it comes to expensive projects such as remodeling a home. Materials can take up most of the budget so homeowners often make the mistake of purchasing cheap materials in order to save money. What homeowners do not consider is that many times cheap materials can end up costing more than if homeowners originally spent more money on quality products. If homeowners are looking at purchasing cheaper materials, they should do their research as to how long the materials last, read consumer reviews, and be sure that it is the product they need. According to HGTV, purchasing cheap, low quality materials is the biggest mistake homeowners make when remodeling their homes. Rushing to finish Remodeling projects should never be rushed. While it is exciting to see the finished product, in order for a remodeling project to be successful homeowners should avoid rushing to the finish line. This is another reason why a plan comes in handy. If research has been done, homeowners know how long projects take and they will know what to expect. Not rushing through the project will also save homeowners money because they will not spend unnecessary money on products or rush orders or anything else that could be avoided if they just wait. Waiting is difficult, but if a solid plan is in place homeowners will see the progression and not be tempted to speed things along and risk making even bigger mistakes along the way. Importance of prep work Prep work is definitely the most boring part of a remodeling project, however it is also the most important. The success of the project is almost completely determined by the prep work, so if homeowners skip important parts of prepping they are likely to make big and costly mistakes during construction. If homeowners take their time to make sure all the prep work is taken care of accurately the project will ultimately be a success with little struggles along the way. Interior Decorating and Remodeling News brought to you by Source: