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  1. Learn why you should use natural cleaners in your household. There are safe and environment-friendly ways to keep your home cleaner and healthier.
  2. There are plenty of reasons to make your home eco-friendly. While reducing your humble abode's negative impact on the planet sounds like a lot of work, there are actually several easy ways to make it more environmentally safe and without breaking the bank. Controlled Water Usage Sensible water usage is the perfect place to start making your home environmentally friendly. When it comes to smart water usage, consider the following: • Wash your clothes in cold water and air dry them in order to help save energy, which will save you money. • Only run the clothes washer or dishwasher when you have full loads. • Repair leaky faucets, especially in drought prone locations. • Install water-saving toilets, low flow shower heads and install aerators in faucets • Place timers in the bathroom to keep showers shorter. • Outside of your home, plant native vegetation because they typically require less water, pesticides and fertilizer. • Wash your car on the lawn, and buy a hose nozzle that restricts the flow of the water. Prevent Air Leaks Insulate, repair, plug, replace all potential areas where the air within the home can escape, caulking around the windows, applying weather stripping around doors, leak proofing your home and watch your utility bills drop. Keeping warm and/or cold air from escaping your home will help keep the HVAC system from working so hard to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Consider Composting The food waste dumped in landfills produces methane, a toxic greenhouse gas. Composting your food scraps (except for meat) will help you reduce your carbon footprint. Coffee grounds, tea leaves, vegetable and fruit peelings, eggshells, just about any organic matter, can be placed in a backyard compost bin or pile. Combine it with yard trimmings and water and voila - you have a nourishing soil enhancer. Let the Sun Shine In The most environmentally sound and least expensive light and heat source is just outside of your windows. Open up the shutters, drapes and blinds and let solar energy (the sunshine) brighten and warm your home naturally. Another option is Photovoltaic materials and devices that can convert the sun's rays into electricity. Solar power can be used to generate electricity for your home, improved indoor lighting and heat water. Naturally Clean Indoor Air Skip the retail air fresheners which are loaded with toxic chemicals. Instead, fill a small pot with water and a bit of cloves, cinnamon, or basically any herb you prefer. In addition, plants, while some may not add a scent to your home, are good at improving interior air quality and just about any plant with broad leaves will do. When the weather permits it, especially while spring cleaning, throw open your windows and let the fresh air in. Upgrade to Programmable Thermostats This device regulates the temperature in a home, based on settings you set for specified times of the day. For instance, turn off the AC or heat when nobody's home, lower the temperature when you're sleeping, etc. The added bonus of having a programmable thermostat is that you’ll save on cooling and heating costs. Leave Harmful Toxins at the Door Have you ever thought about all the substances that are on your shoes when you come home after a long day? Tracking in animal waste, antifreeze, oil, pollen, particulate pollution and you’ll never know what else into the home isn't a good thing. Add in the rest of the family's shoes, or the pet’s paws and . . . don't want to think about it do you? Well, there's an easy fix for this problem - invest in a doormat or better yet, leave the shoes outside on the mat. Less dirt and grime also means less mopping, sweeping and vacuuming, which means fewer chemicals, less water and energy usage and let’s not forget - less work. Choose Non-Toxic Household cleansers Find eco-friendly alternatives to cleansers that typically contain harsh chemicals that can, not only pollute the environment, but cause health problems. There are a number of biodegradable, non-toxic, cleaning products on the market, sold in some chain stores, natural grocery stores and online - just be sure to read the label. If the ingredients sound like a long pharmacy list, it's probably not eco-friendly. You can also make your own, starting with baking soda (add a little water to make a paste to use on stubborn areas) which makes an eco-friendly and inexpensive yet effective all-purpose cleaner. Need a disinfectant? Try citrus oil or tea tree oil. Use a "Green" Housecleaning Service If you don't have time to clean your home yourself, you should be able to find a "green" housecleaning service because they’re becoming fairly common. If you can't locate one in your area, or they're too expensive, try to find a housecleaning service that will use the methods and eco-friendly products you prefer. Green Carpet Cleaning If you haven't been following the "shoeless entry" rule, it's probably time to find a green carpet cleaning service in your area. Even if you have been have, it's a good idea to have your carpeting cleaned at least once or twice a year, depending on the activity level in your household. If you need specialized services for a residence other than your own, like a rental property, look for professional lease cleaners in Geelong. Just imagine the potential for toxins embedded in a rental property's carpeting! Teaching Responsibility Making your home environmentally friendly should be a group effort, helping everyone involved (including the little ones) develop a sense of individual responsibility. Developing small habits like not running the water while they brush their teeth, are little steps that even young children can adapt to. Also, follow your city's recycling rules and set up different recycle bins that your young children can easily use to do their part. This is also the perfect opportunity to teach them that their efforts will play a part in leaving resources for future generations to use as well. Doing our part to live an environmentally friendly life used to mean just separating paper from plastic and placing it in their respective recycling bins, buying organics and using a recycled tote to carry them home. These days, there's a lot more we can all do to create a green and healthy home environment, inside and out.
  3. This year the natural and healthy looking skin is under the spotlight. The trends focus on the bright and fresh face. So if you want to make some improvements in your skincare, now is the time. Finding the perfect products can be quite a struggle. If you are not among the lucky ones who have great skin completely effortless, you probably experienced some unpleasant eruptions. The problem is that even an expensive skin care can cause the evolvement of pimples and red spots. It’s difficult to predict how your skin will react to a certain product, especially when it’s not a cheaper one. There is also another worrying aspect. In the recent years the not – so – pretty face of the cosmetic industry was brought into light, raising a lot of questions. Animal cruelty and undisclosed ingredients resulted in severe criticism towards the cosmetic business. Green and homemade skincare gained popularity as a safe and healthy alternative. By using natural ingredients, you are cleaning and nourishing your skin with quality products, while preserving the environment. Even if it didn’t work, you would not regret spending a lot of money on something useless. You can make everything you need for your skincare routine with a couple of organic products you can find in the grocery store. Face Scrub You can do your own luxurious exfoliant with only 3 ingredients. Mix a cup of brown or white sugar, ¼ cup of coconut or almond oil and 2 tablespoons honey. Essential oils and vitamins are optional. Raw honey is extremely beneficial for the skin because of it anti – bacterial qualities. Exfoliation is important to remove the dead skin and stimulate the development of new cells. Cleanser For this recipe you need to make a little investment in chamomile oil and white clay. Combine these ingredients with egg white and flour. Cleaning your face regularly will ensure its healthy and amazing look. Toner Toner is great for making your face smooth and soft. Get a couple of aspiring and mix them with apple vinegar and water. Pour it in bottle and use it after cleaning your skin. Acne – Free Mask If you have reoccurring and severe issues with your skin, try an oatmeal and onion mask. You can find these unexpected skin products in almost every household. The onion has anti – inflammatory qualities that will heal the acne marks and reduce the redness. On the other hand, oatmeal will take care of the clogged pores. All you need is to combine the leftover oats, sliced onion and some honey. Whitening Mask If you want to get rid once and for all of the acne scars or any type of skin coloration and apply a yogurt and lemon mask. You will need the juice of one fruit and 150 g Greek yogurt. You can use the mask to treat specific area or you can apply to your entire face. Make your routine completely green by creating your own face cleaning products. Find more at: London Carpet Cleaning Ltd.
  4. DIY Green Cleaning Cheat Sheet

    According to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air pollution is one of the top environmental dangers and causes a lot of health confitions as well. Some of the symptoms include fatigue, headache, irritation of the throat and more. If you don't keep your home clean, thus indoor air fresh, the pollution in the house could cause respiratory diseases and even cancer. On the other hand, the labels on most of the cleaning products warn that they are harmful and you should use a protective clothing in order to use them. And here it's the paradox, neither cleaning nor leaving your home full of dirt will help save the planet or your health. What Should We Do?We can make our own green cleaning products for every room and every spot! It would be efficient as a professional product, but cheaper and better for your health. Green Cleaning Cheat SheetWhat do you need? White vinegar, baking soda, olive oil, essential oils, lemon and borax, although some of the people believe it's dangerous to the health, there isn't any proof of that. What you should know? White vinegar removes mildew, odors, stains and has disinfectant properties. Baking soda is great odor remover and water softener, it's used for cleaning, scouring and scrubbing. Lemon is very effective against most bacteria. Borax is a strong disinfectant, which cleans and deodorises. Here are some DIY green cleaning recipes: Mirror, Glass and Window CleaningYou need: 1/4 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of water; How to: Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray onto the surface. Wipe with crumpled newspaper or with a clean cloth. Tip 1: For а better smell you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Tip 2: It's better not to clean your windows on a sunny day because the mixture could dry too fast and leave unpleasant stains. Water StainsYou need: lemon; How to: Slice the lemon into two halves and scrub the stain with the one part; Tub Toilet and Sink CleaningYou need: baking soda / borax and white vinegar; How to: sprinkle some baking soda onto your toilet brush and scrub the grime. For the outside of the toilet surface, apply some white vinegar on a sponge or cloth and wipe off. Tip: To disinfect the toilet use borax, instead of baking soda. Floor CleaningYou need: 1 cup of vinegar and 1-gallon hot water; How to: mix them and use the solution to mop the floor. This works for ceramic tile, vinyl and wood floor, as well as linoleum. Tip: add a few drops of essential oil for fantastic smell. Wooden Furniture CleaningYou need: lemon juice and olive oil; How to: apply equal parts on a cloth and rub into the wood. Countertops and TilesYou need: baking soda, white vinegar and water (1:2:4); How to: apply the mixture on a sponge and wipe off. Carpet CleaningYou need: white vinegar and water (1:1); How to: spray the dirty area of the carpet with the mixed solution and soak up with a towel. Tip: if the stain is still there mix equal parts of white vinegar, salt and borax (the mixture looks like a paste). Rub it into the carpet and leave for two hours. Vacuum after that. Cleaning Product For EverythingYou need: 1/4 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 1/2 gallon of water; How to: mix the baking soda and the white vinegar into the water and store the solution somewhere safe, in order to use it when it's needed. You can use it for everything: water stains, window washing, countertops, upholstered furniture, etc. You should simply apply the solution on a clean cloth and wipe. Tip: For better smell you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Air FreshenerYou need: baking soda, lemon juice; How to: mix equal parts of both ingredients and put the solution in a dish. That will absorb the odours and it's very useful, especially if you have pets. Wall CleaningYou need: baking soda; How to: apply the baking soda to a sponge, rub and wipe; One of the most important things in order to have a clean and fresh home, is to open the windows wide at least twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The smell in your house will be better through the day and you'll sleep better through the night. If you haven't got enough time to make your own green cleaning products, hire a cleaning company. I recommend you to use a local cleaners, who use non-toxic cleaning detergents. Those types of cleaning products are natural, environmentally-friendly, and safe for humans and pets. Contrary to Kermit The Frog's popular quote: 'It's not easy being green', it actually is that easy. Go green.
  5. With all the research, nowadays, revealing that the air in our homes is about 200% more polluted than the air outside, people increasingly turned to more natural cleaning agents such as vinegar and baking soda. And it is a fact that many of the commercial cleaners nowadays are not only more expensive and cause pollution, but are actually damaging, and could even trigger asthma if someone is genetically predisposed.There are many benefits from cleaning with natural products only. Vinegar is so popular because it is cheap, efficient and perfectly safe to use at home. You, probably knew all that, so I won't waste your time. What you may not know is the variety of things that you could clean with vinegar. You can use vinegar: 1. To clean the floors. Mix a few cups of vinegar in a bucket full of hot or lukewarm water and use it to clean your flooring. 2. Remove Stains. Vinegar works quite well with non-oily stains. Simply mix some vinegar with water and apply on the stain, than rub gently with a soft sponge and rinse with tower dipped in clean water. Let it dry. 3. Carpet cleaning solution. Vinegar is a very good carpet cleaner for a few reasons. As we established it is quite effective when it comes to stains, but that's not all to it. As vinegar is acidic it is quite good in eliminating dust mites, germs and bacteria. Often when you have a carpet and pets, or it is situated in a high traffic area, it could become dusty. So washing it with a solution made of vinegar and water would help eliminate the bad odors and all the mites. 4. Use it as a multi-purpose cleaner. Simply get a spraying bottle and fill with vinegar and water. Spray on your dining table, kitchen counters and other areas that you think need cleaning. Wipe with a damp cloth. Because of the acidic qualities of vinegar all the surfaces you use it on will be bacteria and germ-free. 5. Windows. Believe it or not a mix of white distilled vinegar and water doesn't leave marks and streaks on your windows. Instead it leaves them gleaming and really clean. 6. Drains. You could use vinegar to freshen up the drains and get rid of all the grease build-up. Simply pour a couple of small cups down the drain, which will eliminate the bad odours, the grease and other nasty stuff down the drain. You could the same with your garbage disposal/ Switch it on and while it is working pour down a cup of two. In addition, you could add a few pieces of cut in halves lemon. 7. Oven. In order to clean the oven properly you will need another ally in the face of baking soda. All you need to do is make a paste of baking soda and water, apply everywhere inside the oven equally and wait for a couple of hours. After that you spray vinegar, again, all over and if it starts fizzing then it is working. 8. Microwave. In a heat-resistant bowl make a mix of vinegar and water. Put inside the microwave and heat for 2 minutes. The fumes and vapours will soften the grease which you will only need to wipe with a damp cloth. 9. Mattress. vinegar will do wonders with your mattress. You can make a mix and apply it on an affected or stained surface of your mattress. Or you could wash your mattress covers in hot water and vinegar, which will kill the dust mites, which are known to be triggers of asthma. Professional cleaners warn against the use of vinegar on some of the following spots at home. Careful, you don't want to damage these and make your landlord unhappy! Vinegar is not to be used on: 1. Grease. Vinegar cannot do much when it comes to grease. So clean other stuff with vinegar, but when it comes to greasy frying pans and dishes, reach for the dish washing solution and leave the vinegar for the salad. Actually, if you want another green cleaning alternative for grease stains and build-ups you can get baking soda. Making a paste of baking soda and water will usually be enough to get rid of the annoying stain. 2. Waxed surfaces. Not only you should avoid using vinegar on such, but you must never do it, as it will damage the finishing. If you are looking to remove an old coat of wax use vinegar as much as you like, but if you just want to clean the surface go for something else. 3. Stone. Do not use on stone flooring, or other stone surfaces such as counters etc. Stone could corrode if you clean it with vinegar. 4. Sensitive screens. Never use vinegar on sensitive screens such as plasma screens and other lap top screens. They have special layers that could be damaged if you apply vinegar on their surface. 5. With bleach. Never use vinegar with bleach. It is acidic and when mixed with bleach it makes powerful weapon. No kidding. The fumes that your mix will release will resemble closely a gas used in World War I.
  6. Why Green Living Is Much Easier Than You Think

    A lot of people are confused about the green trend that is now spreading faster than ever. They think going green involves radical change of their everyday life, more money spent on organic food, installation of expensive solar panels and so on. While in fact, it only takes small changes and very little time to develop habits that are more friendly to the environment. Here are a few simple ways to enjoy healthy lifestyle without much effort. Leave Scented Products Alone. When you give up on items stuffed with fragrances, you also say 'no' to all dangerous chemicals that come along. There is a wide range of toxic ingredients that may be harmful both for your body and for the nature. after disposal. Instead, choose products that incorporate essential oils rather than fragrances. Keep Shoes Away From The Rooms. When you or other family members enter your home, make sure everybody takes off their shoes and leaves them at the front door. There is a plethora of harmful pesticides and other toxins everywhere outside, so don't let them get any deeper – hallways, stairs or premises. In hospitals, staff members use special plastic protectors, but at home you can just keep shoes far away from the actual living space. Make Your Home Cleaning Green. This is one of the most popular green living trends lately and it's welcomed worldwide. You can now find many special stores that offer environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions or you can make your own cleaners. If you take some time and make an online search, you will find recipes to clean up anything at home using natural ingredients only. Specialist from a local one off cleaning company in Sydney admit that more and more professionals use non-toxic cleaners for their everyday work, especially when there are children and pets around. You Are What You Eat. You have probably heard this sentence many times before and now it's the right time to realise its meaning. There are a few reasons why including more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet is essential to green living. First of all, the most natural option available is to consume something that has been produced by Mother Nature versus a product that is man-made, packed and sold across supermarkets. Additionally, growing plants is much more eco-friendly in comparison to dairy and meat, which require a lot more water, energy and other resources.
  7. Our society is rapidly moving towards Earth friendly behaviors and practices. Even profit hungry businesses are going green by investing in renewable energy resources and using products that are environmentally friendly. Many commercial cleaning businesses have also made the transition to green practices. Businesses that hire cleaning services should be aware that plenty of these companies have made an effort to “go green” in an attempt to save the planet while procuring customers. These green cleaners utilize cleaning methods and substances that are healthy for their own workers, the client's employees and our planet. The Green Cleaning Movement In order to clean in a “green” manner, custodial services make a concerted attempt to only select cleaning products that are environmentally and health friendly. They go out of their way to find sprays, soaps and other cleaning fluids that don't contain harmful chemicals. Green cleaners also perform their cleaning functions with methods that will not harm any of the employees on the premises. They are extremely mindful of the ramifications of bargain rate commercial cleaning solutions that can negatively affect their own employees, the employees of the work site and the actual building that needs to be maintained. Rest assured that all of these considerations are accounted for without sacrificing the quality of the office cleaning. The Value of a Green Clean A green clean isn't merely limited to the use of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Green cleaners go to great lengths to properly train their employees about the right cleaning methods. Shoddy techniques can be damaging to not only the client's building but also the people who spend time there. Green cleaners are trained on how to clean surfaces and facilities in a manner that will not leave them tainted with potentially harmful sprays and liquids. This means that the cleaning staff is taught about proper disposal methods and green cleaning procedures that will remove dirt and kill germs without leaving any residues. Businesses and individuals interested in using conventional cleaning solutions should be aware that these products typically contain nasty chemicals that can prove poisonous not only to the building that is supposed to be cleaned but also the people that occupy it. Traditional cleaning products that are left on sink surfaces, in toilet bowls or sprayed into the air (aerosols) have the potential to harm our air and water supplies. The results can be disastrous. Our air becomes more toxic, our water is tainted with chemicals and aquatic life can be mutated or killed. So, anyone looking to hire a cleaning service should be proactive and do a little bit of research to find a cleaning company in the area that is committed to green practices and products. Reasons to Go Green The primary reason for a business to hire a green office cleaning service is to preserve the health of employees. Sick people aren't very productive. Compromising indoor air quality to save a few bucks on a cleaning contract just isn't worth it. Green cleaners also utilize products that don't contain allergens so there is less of a chance that the building's staff will experience allergy symptoms. Be aware that green cleaners can offer competitive rates even though they aren't purchasing bargain basement cleaning products. Economically efficient green cleaning services are out there. Take a moment to find one and go green today.